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What are the factors that will affect the development of the LED industry this year?
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LED industry in this year will be how to develop it? Before the end of 2012, we who are unable to determine the fate of the LED industry in 2012. However, the LED industry in 12th Five-Year under the background of a good plan for the strong support of national policy, it should be better than last year's development situation is much better. Below we will analyze the direction of the development of this year's LED industry from four aspects.

First, online sales of LED lamps and lanterns to become a new channel for promotion. Although online shopping is no new thing, but for LED lamps and lanterns in the online sales or the big girl on the car - the first time". Before a lot of people in the industry believe that LED lamps are not suitable for sale on the Internet, but the practice has proved that online channels to manufacturers have brought no small sales. The country now has more than and 100 LED lighting flagship store. The future of e-commerce era will include LED lamps.

Second, channel construction has become the focus of the current LED industry development work, only to establish a good channel to get through the terminal lighting market. Despite the domestic and foreign enterprises are in the layout of the lighting market, but the fierce competition venue did not enter the terminal market. LED industry investment overheating due to overcapacity, only in order to open up the terminal market smoothly done or easily solved.

Third, LED companies competing to market, mergers and acquisitions have occurred. A lot of LED companies are listed in order to finance, LED high cost of products, coupled with the impact of excess capacity, many LED enterprise products are stored in the warehouse. A few years ago, the domestic LED products can also be sold abroad, but with the strict lighting market in Europe and the United States, the quality of domestic LED lighting products is not a pass, a sudden decline in exports.

Fourth, LED lighting companies to change the previous sales ideas. LED lighting as a new generation of energy-saving products, not just a commodity, but also related to the sustainable development strategy. Therefore, the LED energy saving lamp means of marketing can be flexibly combined with the development of economy.

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