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Invites agents to join

In order to better bring products to the market and expand the market share of Lusiten LED lighting and Watson LED lighting brand, we are looking forward to joining the agents from all over the country and welcome qualified businesses to join hands with us to create a brand new world .

level Annual sales Sales network and channels Margin Agency term
Provincial distributor 800 million or more A sound sales network 3 million yuan 1 year
City agency 100 million or more Have a certain sales channels 1 million yuan 1 year
County district-level agents 200,000 yuan or more Sales channels 3 thousand yuan 1 year

1. At all levels of agents in the region, the Division no longer set up another point of sale or agent by the franchise agents responsible for the sales activities in the region.

2. Company cheap supplier to agents, in the region to give the price protection. At the end of the agency period, as long as the agent's sales amount reaches the stipulated amount, the company will return the profits according to 15% of the sales amount and return the guarantee money together. At the end of the agency term, the sales amount does not reach the prescribed amount but reaches the prescribed 50% % Or more, the company returned the deposit, but did not rebate.

3. The company pre-sales, sales will actively cooperate with agents, agents act in accordance with the wishes; after-sales service by the agents and companies jointly responsible.

4. The company gives the dealer a certain amount of advertising support.

5. The company is not responsible for the agency's debt, commitment.

6. Agents must operate according to law, abide by the company's sales system, not free FALSIFY, cross-regional sales; foreign propaganda and the company consistent, not arbitrarily significantly raise or lower the price, once found, immediately disqualified as a proxy.

Special note: For just graduating from the entrepreneurial desire college graduates, as well as determined to engage in the LED industry, young friends, such as the intention to join our agency products, approved by the municipal and county agency margin can be reduced as appropriate. Give you a chance to create a blue sky!

Agent to join hotline: 0760-22314608 E-mail:

Recruitment professionals (and) job clerk

Due to the needs of business development, the Division is now facing the social recruitment specialist, part-time clerk several, the following requirements:

1. Age 22-45 years old, healthy, educational level, ability to see without education, both men and women;

2. more than two years LED lighting sales experience, understand the market. Hukou unlimited (part-time job may be in the field);

3. Professional, dedication, hard work and hard work

4. can speak Mandarin, strong communication skills, affinity;

5. During the tenure of the company must unconditionally maintain the interests and credibility.

6. LED lighting is good.


1.Once admitted, the treatment is generous;

2.Trial period (one month) basic salary of 2,000 yuan;

3.After the official hiring of basic salary 2,500 yuan, commission by the turnover of 3% of the total, monthly settlement;

4.Development of new customers, all transactions within two years are the performance of salesman, pro rata, two years later converted to corporate clients;

5.Year-end bonuses according to the performance of the salesman accounting.


1.Sales of new customers must be filed by the company, within two years as a salesman clients, turnover of 3% of the proportion of commission, two years later converted to corporate clients;

2.Salesman shall not secretly speculation, if unauthorized persons speculation, immediately fired and withheld wages and commission. As a result of a salesman secretly speculation to the company caused serious economic or reputational loss, will be transferred to the judicial department to pursue legal responsibility;

3.And each client must take the company designated account transactions, and the account must be stamped with company seal fax to customers;

4.Clerk commissioned by tax-free turnover of 3% of the total, monthly settlement, no indemnity under the cap;

5.Part-time business no basic salary, only commission, the same under the non-guaranteed, no cap.

Interested parties, please contact us: Luna Lighting 0760-22314608

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