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Zhongshan City, the moon lighting Lighting Co., Ltd. - outdoor LED landscape lighting equipment professional manufacturers! The Division was established in 2010, is located in China's economically developed Pearl River Delta Forte, the Chinese lights are the reputation of the Zhongshan town. High starting point, strict requirements, based on the formation of LED industry gold medal enterprises. Luna Lighting was founded at the beginning, to R & D to create high-end outdoor landscape lighting LED lighting, with more than first-class electronic engineers, dozens of first-class production technology staff, with industry-leading high-end technology, coupled with superb production technology , Set up the Division LED lighting products in the majority of customers in a good reputation reputation.
The Division adhere to its own brand, independent production, refused to speculation! The company from top to bottom as one, only focus on doing our high-quality products - LED lights! To the quality of survival, to the credibility of development, not too ambitious, not greedy for the whole. Main products are a variety of power LED wall washer, flood light, floodlights, digital control, point light, street lamp, tunnel lights, mining lamps, underwater lights, buried lights. Products using imported high-brightness LED chip, built-in isolation constant current drive power, first-class quality, warranty for two years, life-long maintenance. Products through the national lighting quality inspection center of the strict testing, and issued by the authority of the quality inspection report; all products through the European standard CE / ROHS certification; each product factory through the professional inspectors quality testing to ensure that products manufactured pass rate of 100% The
Production of the company to implement a strict division of labor and accountability system, the product from raw material procurement to test the factory, the middle of all links are responsible for the person.
Regular management plus professional production technology, to ensure product quality at the same time also significantly reduce the cost of the product, so we dare to promise to customers: Our products are the industry's most cost-effective products!
The Division is mainly dominated by the domestic market, products to meet the domestic customer habits, voltage, frequency and so on to our existing standard design and production, the customer does not need to use additional equipment.
Tiandaochouqin, business road remuneration letter! Down-to-earth, integrity management, I Division for the general taxpayer enterprises, the financial system is perfect, you can open a 17% value-added tax invoices, so you worry-free procurement.
In order to better products to market, to achieve large-scale production, we invite the city around the city agents, distributors, engineering and we work together, the company will keep you enough profit margins, with you to develop, create brilliant!

Moonlight LED lighting - make the city even more charming at night!
Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhongshan Guzhen Branch Haizhou Branch
Name: Zhongshan City, the moon lighting Lighting Co., Ltd
Account number: 2011 0224 0924 8141 324
Address: Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the ancient two into the industrial zone on the 1st into a road
Tel: 0760-22314608 Fax: 0760-22314609
Email: hx22314608@163.com
Business QQ: 309200868
Business Contact: Zhou Feng 15820545600
After-sales service line: 0760-87922722
National unified service hotline: 400-0760-988

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