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LED lighting business promotion direction analysis
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In 2012, although the entire LED lighting industry is still due to the impact of the market regulation and slightly shrinking, but the market is a different kind of supermarket lighting.

The general manager of Shenzhen Clipsal Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Lin Xiaojia review contract supply customers in the past few years of sustained and stable supply of WAL-MART, Carrefour supermarket giant aircraft carrier, said confidently: "the property market regulation policy to the real estate market to develop healthily and stably, possibly during the property market regulation, will affect the entire lighting short-term industry downturn, but we also know that the rigid demand this year supermarket Lighting Procurement is relatively large, and we in the risk assessment and response have also done sufficient preparations, so for our supermarket lighting, has little impact on the property market."

The author forecasts the market of supermarket lighting in 2012, and sums up the following three characteristics:

First, the foreign large supermarket chain is still dominated by T5, try to gradually promote LED lighting products. At the end of last year, LED lighting products have been in China's 100 WAL-MART supermarket to obtain a comprehensive application. Application of LED lamp lighting products, not only saves 50% of WAL-MART lighting, WAL-MART also contributes to environmental protection and energy conservation.

Second, supermarket lighting market competition is intense. In today's competition in a full lighting market environment, there is a slight slack is likely to encounter close to overtaking".

Third, LED product access threshold is higher, foreign supermarkets only value the quality of the product, not very care about the price. This virtually set up an entry barrier, some only low price to win and the quality of the technology is not high LED enterprise blocking the door.

At the same time, Lin Xiaojia is worried that "in recent years, LED has become the light source lighting enterprise's pet, but it is undeniable that most of the core technology and profits by foreign lighting giant carved up, the traditional domestic lighting enterprises mostly simple assembly, almost become" do backward "the situation."

LED promotion to seek a breakthrough in supermarket lighting should be taken into account

At present, supermarket and shopping malls lighting environment mainly used lamps and light sources including compact energy-saving lamp and T5/T8 lamp fluorescent lamp bracket, grille lamp and metal halide lamp. General lighting more and more inclined to the supermarket with three trichromatic straight tube fluorescent lamps as the main light source, and the use of electronic ballast with low power consumption, high power factor and stable performance, or a new generation of composite ballast.

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