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In recent years, due to the global recession, the outbreak of the debt crisis in Europe generally, and polysilicon prices continued to fall, but the LED industry suffered many difficulties, although the China market and the international market has not yet fully conform, but China LED industry also suffered a cold winter, the overall performance just passable. In order to ensure the stable development of the economy, China out a series of policies to guide the mainland industry, and enterprises have also begun to take action, in order to more severe environment for survival, and development. And this a few, all to the development of LED industry produced can not be ignored. The following are a few of the LED market is currently part of the uncertainty, from which we can vaguely feel the subtle changes in the LED market in 2012.

A pipeline sales driven market potential

Although many traditional lighting manufacturers still insist that the lighting products are not suitable for online sales, but the Taobao mall lighting brand is growing rapidly, sales are also advancing by leaps and bounds. March 2011, worry free lighting mall project officially launched, attracting industry attention. Up to now, the outstanding lighting brand flagship store has more than 100, the country's more than and 30 provinces and municipalities in the pipeline service providers have been in place, after several optimization and upgrading, mall operation mode has been basically finalized. Believe that the smooth opening of the home worry free lighting mall, lighting and lighting industry will run into the era of electronic commerce.

Two pipeline construction into focus

In recent years, the development speed of unexpected LED lighting, the traditional overseas upstream of LED leading enterprises such as CREE, Puri have vied Chinese market, PHILPS, OSRAM, GE and other traditional international lighting giant is a strong attack, Yankon, Shanghai Ya Ming, NVC, excellent brand began to compete in the lighting application products exhibition. Despite the LED market is a hot, but due to the relative lag of pipeline construction, LED lighting products in the terminal market has not yet won the favor of consumers. Have to get the world. It is understood that the history of Ford, Elec-Tech, Meyers and a number of LED companies are increasing the strength of pipeline construction, believe that under their guidance, 2012 will be LED lighting pipeline construction.

Three the pace of capital operation of enterprises to speed up

Nationstar, NVC, neo-neon, Lehman photoelectric, kingsun...... In recent years, a large number of lighting companies have entered the capital market. February 1, 2012, the Commission announced a total of 515 IPO applications in the trial list of companies, at least 9 LED companies are queuing up for the listing. According to the LED Engineering Institute of research, currently has about 50 LED enterprises have been completed or ongoing reform, in order to introduce investors quickly realized the market. In addition to listing, mergers and acquisitions and riptide. Conservative estimate, in 2012 there will be no less than 3 companies listed on the listing, corporate mergers and acquisitions event no less than 3.

Four marketing activities focus terminal market

A picturesque scenery scenic spot, a bustling dealer meeting, let the dealer to buy products after the idle away in seeking pleasure, the purchase section, which has been the lighting companies never sold the old routine. Nowadays, enterprises and businesses are more and more realistic, the award of the fish is better to teach the fish. So, more and more lighting enterprises according to the requirements of agents, marketing activities will be moved to the end of the market, and the dealer meeting theme more is how to combine the local market, to explore the feasible action plan. It is understood that the history of Ford photovoltaic and de Ho Runda marketing activities in the terminal market has been released. In 2012, the market terminal lighting industry marketing activities will haoxiliantai.

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