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The moon lighting successfully developed transverse optical LED tunnel lamp
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Zhongshan Yueshen Lighting Co. Ltd is a professional R & D and production of high-power LED tunnel lights, LED tunnel lights, LED lights, LED wall lamp, LED mining lamp etc.. The company has a high-quality R & D team, including senior engineer 1 people, 5 engineers, test equipment and testing equipment has a set of perfect, laid the material foundation for the development of new LED tunnel lights, LED lights, LED wall lamp, LED lamp, high power LED mining lamp LED lamp etc. decoration.

According to the engineering practice of LED tunnel lighting for many years, the company has developed the LED tunnel lamp which is suitable for tunnel narrow and long road lighting. This new type of LED tunnel light using the horizontal light, the use of high brightness light reflector and lens, the LED lights to the limit. The whole piece of LED reflector, no longer like the old LED tunnel lamp that was compartmentalized loaded against the mask, affect the appearance, reflecting film atmosphere and practical, cost lower than the old reflector, increase market competitiveness.

The light source is still the United States imports Prichard 45mil high power LED light source, the luminous flux of up to 130-150Lm/W, high brightness, long service life, service life can reach more than 60 thousand hours, and the use of maintenance free period.

The LED tunnel lamp drive power with high power factor isolation type constant current drive power, power factor more than 0.96, energy saving rate of 75%, saving benefit is obvious, within half a year savings in electricity will offset the whole lamp input, won the praise of Party A.

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