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Analysis on the experience of LED lighting Era
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Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) at the 112 session of Chinese, although participants LED manufacturers expressed by the weak global economy, foreign businessmen came to discuss cooperation has decreased, but the LED industry as a strategic emerging industry in the country, strong policy support, has been into the fast lane. Interestingly, in the traditional lighting field "big brother" level of OPPLE lighting, which featured in the Canton Fair on the vast majority of LED products.

More than the province to market for investment to support the LED industry

Shenzhen city together for the lighting Limited by Share Ltd chairman Xiao Ling said on 18, National Day since before, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Tianjin, Guangdong government to intensive research LED industry support policies, will combine with the EMC mode, Guangdong learning approach to "market for investment", the introduction of LED factory settled. "Today there are a few areas of Tianjin guests to visit". Gather for lighting is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in high-quality LED lighting products, high driving power and intelligent control system software research and development, manufacturing and sales, has led the development of the national, provincial and municipal Guangdong Shenzhen Yao 18 LED indoor lighting.

In May 28, 2012, the Guangdong provincial government issued the Guangdong province to promote the use of LED lighting product implementation plan, plans to popularize public lighting in the field of LED lighting in 3 years. Through the implementation of the application of the project, will achieve an annual diameter of 50% energy-saving lighting, stimulating the rapid development of the province's LED industry, to the end of 12th Five-Year to achieve annual output value of more than 500 billion yuan.

Xiao Ling, the State Council had advocated energy management contract model "(EMC model), which is the first popular understanding, manufacturers provide free LED lighting equipment for customers, and customers to use energy-saving saved funds payment of equipment. This model is being valued by governments around the world, while Guangdong is at the forefront. Guangdong science and Technology Department of the LED application demonstration into the southern power grid, it is done by EMC, therefore, the southern power grid not only the internal transformation of the use of LED products, but also set up a EMC company, the transformation of the city of Guangdong province."

Three to five years to achieve the "mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore"

In view of the current domestic LED manufacturers, many products uneven in quality situation, Xiao Ling said: "the LED lighting market reshuffle, three to five years left to see only a handful of brands, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, will emerge." This statement has been participating in the fair KingSun [14.27 1.93% shares research report], OPPLE lighting industry recognition. The [6.54 2.67% shares research report] chairman Wang Donglei said: "the domestic LED enterprises developed, Guangdong have thousands of homes, but the dragons and fishes jumbled together. So many small and medium enterprises, low price competition will cause damage to the industry, the future of the competition will be very cruel. If this is the feudal lords vying for the throne after a few years, it will become oligopoly competition."

KingSun International Business Promotion Commissioner Guo Xingyu said that the current KingSun international and domestic market strategy is the priority among priorities simultaneously, the European market is the company's marketing strategy, "the International Department of personnel on the increase". She said that the European and American customers in product quality and customer service service are demanding, each part of the chip quality, heat and power allocation are put forward higher requirements, domestic users will make the same request in the near future. "Five to three years, the market and customer demand is not adapted to the needs of manufacturers will survive the difficulties, not have been reported that LED boss on foot it?"

Prior to October 8, 2011, Shenzhen junduoli Industrial Co., Ltd. chairman Mao Guojun, Cui Lihua and his wife worked in the company's relatives, it was reported that "all missing".

Xiao Ling said, the next three to five years is the upgrading of lighting industry rare historical opportunity, the most powerful competitors are Japan, South Korea, China. Aside from their own interests not to say, she hopes the Chinese enterprises to win, the birth of the world's first class lighting brand.

"The key is to be more than the quality. The current around the implementation of EMC model, the Energy Service Companies is closely relation with the government, they may find big or small factory cooperation, product is uneven in quality. But a year later, the problem of the product, it will be compared to go on, Xiao Ling said, "Edison invented the incandescent lamp so far in 100 years, the international first-class lighting manufacturers, it is not so a few?"

OPPLE lighting international marketing director, said the director of the international business, in the future of the LED industry competition, OPPLE's understanding of the consumer and the advantages of technology applications, will gradually highlight.

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