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LED lighting: who and whose war
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A long history of incandescent lights in October this year to withdraw from the stage into history.

Lamps in the field of building materials has always been a big role, and now this revolution is about to come, the market capacity of 1 billion 300 million incandescent lamps are about to make room for energy-saving lamps. Only the revolution in the end who is who and who the war?

LEDinside believes that now the phenomenon is: LED lamp lighting capacity significantly improved, while the consumer market opened slowly. The LED lamp lighting enterprise competition in the open market, so in the "fight" and not out of the narrow circle.

It is not difficult to find, the current capacity and the capacity of the entire lighting market, LED lighting companies there's no competition, but the real level of market competition should be reflected in LED lighting and traditional fluorescent lamps. If the incandescent lamp to exit the stage, the people there will be a period of confusion: the fluorescent lamp is broken and the market for many years, LED lighting can now be compromised? If not, the consumers also have to bite the bullet and buy fluorescent lamp! The problem is, no matter what kind of light, its price is always not the kind of incandescent lamp, which is also the main reason for the use of 1 billion 300 million incandescent lamps on the market.

According to multi message integration, the current international market for China's exports of LED lights do not care about the price, and the need to do the heart of the product, there are two reasons:

One, LED lighting price reduction is relatively large, and the price of the current LED lighting is more suitable for international customers tastes;

Two, LED lighting has been a mature export in good commercial lighting, commercial lighting price in foreign countries is very high, and China, export of commercial lighting belongs to OEM, OEM price, resale after traders to sell at high prices, so the traders in high profit instigation, so critical of LED lighting products China manufacturing in the price is often no longer.

In contrast to the international market, LED market capacity in mainland China has been slow to open the main reason is the price. However, the upper reaches of the LED industry profits have bottomed out, why LED downstream product prices remain high?

LEDinside believes that the reason for the high price of LED lighting has the following several points:

One, in the pipeline is not under the premise of the formation of the technology is relatively mature commercial lighting through many traders hands, in order to maintain the profits of all aspects of the price will not come down. While public cost of the project unilaterally is a large overhead, and ultimately only wool comes from sheep; in addition Home Furnishing lighting market sales in the premise of not breaking the ice, little, production capacity is relatively small, relatively high cost firms operate together, also caused the price Home Furnishing lighting is also not fall down.

Two, for the professional manufacturers of LED lighting, LED lighting no pipeline, causing sales up cost manpower and transport costs, increasing the cost of sales; as for the traditional lighting, although it has great advantages of the pipeline, but also cannot transition too quickly, otherwise it will not be able to stand in a short time";

Three, in addition to the cost of LED lighting products have not reached a reasonable position, the cost of the electrical part of the high cost of LED lamps and lanterns is one of the reasons for the high water level.

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