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A major factor hindering the large-scale application of LED lighting products is the price
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In Zhongshan Ancient Town before a lighting store, buy Lamps and lanterns of the public Miss Zhang hesitated for a long time, finally decided to buy cheap energy-saving lamps. "Although LED light environmental protection, but tens to hundreds of dollars, is several times the ordinary light bulb. It's too expensive to use."

Miss Zhang laments, expressed the aspirations of many people. In recent years, although the LED increasingly prosperous, the high price has always been to prevent it from flying into the people's house the maximum threshold. But this situation will soon be expected to be completely changed.

May 7th, the Ministry of science and Technology issued the "semiconductor lighting technology development" in 12th Five-Year "special planning (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "planning"). "More than 80% of the chip in 2015 to achieve localization," this goal, has led to a high degree of attention of the industry. If the goal can be achieved, LED lighting is expected to significantly lower prices, thus opening the civilian market.

High prices: the civilian market is difficult to promote

In fact, continued favorable macroeconomic policies in recent years, has LED production enterprises continue to burden, and promote a variety of LED product prices.

The data show that the average retail price to replace the traditional 60 watt incandescent lamp 5 Watt LED bulb, in December last year, began to decline, the average price of a single month decline of 16%, while the lowest price reached $18.9 (about 118.9 yuan). In replacing the traditional 40 watt incandescent bulbs 3 Watt LED bulb category, the lowest price of product market manufacturers for $11.1 (about 69.97 yuan).

However, by the product, technology is not mature, the market price is opaque and other factors, in recent years, the overall price of domestic LED market has always been far higher than the traditional lighting. The price will undoubtedly become the biggest stumbling block of LED lighting products promotion".

Insiders calculations to reporters, a 5 Watt LED bulb price of $18.9 (about 118.9 yuan), the average life of about 50000 hours, according to the calculation of eight residential district of Guangzhou City, the price of 0.61 yuan / watt, the use cost of the use of LED lamps for 50000 hours lighting is about 270 yuan.

And 60 watt incandescent price of about 3 yuan, the average life expectancy of only 1500 hours. According to the same conditions, the cost of the use of incandescent lamps is about 1932 yuan.

"One of the major factors hindering the large-scale application of LED lighting products is the price, the cost reduction will promote the popularization of LED lighting products." Quan Jian, President of Guangdong Lighting Electric Appliance Association, said.

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