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Rare earth high brightness high power LED lighting lamps and lanterns light effect and heat radiation
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In addition to rare earth high power LED lamp structure is simplified but also integrates the following techniques: the integration of the radiator shell and lamp radiating structure, monolithic structure, the lamp completely exposed in ambient air, no heat storage cavity; production of rare earth alloys radiator high thermal conductivity thermal resistance of low temperature, rare earth alloy plate structure design make the heat evenly, no the high temperature region; matching technology with precision technology and thermal conductivity material between different deformation modulus, low thermal resistance, make close contact; using high thermal conductivity materials, reduce the contact thermal resistance; the air dynamics and thermodynamics principle design of perforated stereo grid radiator to form a "chimney" cooling mode, accelerate the air convection, and through holes the structure of the dust without attachment, the direct contact area of the heat sink and the heat radiation of the nano air; Radiation coating, increase the heat radiation capacity of the lamps and lanterns.

Continuous improvement of rare earth fluorescent powder, making the overall lighting industry benefit -- metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent tube energy-saving lamp and high power LED lamp new.

High efficiency light source conversion, making the high power LED lamp light efficiency, reduce heat consumption. The same power consumption can have a higher brightness; if the brightness is equal, it is equal to the reduction of heat energy consumption. This is bullish for the LED chip heat. However, as the real turn to light energy radiation starting light body energy up to only about thirty percent, most of the energy is still in the form of thermal energy residues in the LED chip.

LED chip itself, the substrate material, the solid crystal way is also more and more efficient heat conduction:

The silicon carbide substrate 1 CREE unique, is currently the highest substrate thermal conductivity LED chip, 40x40mil chip can withstand the highest current size 1000MA, as long as the heat conduction and heat radiation follow-up without the rated 1W power chip, 3W used no burnt concerns.

The traditional 2 sapphire substrate chip, do not show weakness, developed a flip chip mounting method. The two electrodes on the surface are turned over to the bottom surface and directly welded to the metal heat conductive substrate by silver paste. The heat transfer is more direct than the prior heat conductive silver glue. In addition, the new recently, Korea, Taiwan, a large power LED chip also has a layer of metal coating on the sapphire substrate method, so you can also use silver paste to replace silver glue to solid crystal. Silver paste after curing thermal conductivity to silver, is higher than the thermal conductivity of silver colloid.

Improvement of diamond heat conducting copper - copper composite material

LED chip if not in the way of COB direct line in solid crystal substrate, will find a fast heat conduction material as the medium in line with fins. Copper is only slightly inferior to the silver metal heat conduction material, the price is low, so the copper is the most common high power LED chip heat transfer material.

However, the coefficient of thermal expansion (about 19) of copper is much larger than that of sapphire substrate (about 5). So with copper chip heat conducting carrier in the harsh environment, there is a risk of broken chip. Chip size limitation. The diamond copper composite sheet has been developed in China. High thermal conductivity than the pure copper; thermal expansion coefficient is lower than copper, is expected to mass production, the price can make the production of high-power LED chip chip manufacturers to accept. The latest test report, by contrast 100W integrated module, using pure copper to the chip module with high temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, 65 degrees Celsius with diamond copper composite sheet module chip temperature.

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