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The moon lighting LED tunnel lamp through the national quality inspection and testing center and lighting quality inspection report issued by the authority
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Warm congratulations on the moon lighting LED tunnel lamp through the national product quality supervision and inspection center detection lamps and issued authoritative test report, the test report is astepping-stone to success of domestic LED market is LED tunnel lamp, tunnel lamp to ensure the quality, credibility is the crystallization, is to ensure the quality of the customer's purchase of LED tunnel lamp products.

The moon lighting LED tunnel lamp products is famous for its excellent quality, over the years has a good reputation in the customer account. The LED tunnel lamp through detection, is the national lighting quality supervision and Inspection Center for our LED tunnel light quality, is a kind of encouragement and inspiration to us, we will in the future LED tunnel lamp production, pay more attention to the control of quality, excellence, dedication to the LED tunnel light quality and cheap products to the majority the new and old customers, but also hope that the majority of new and old customers and we can grow together, together, together for the domestic LED market contribute to the prosperity of tunnel lamp.

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