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The moon lighting strip LED tunnel lamp market volume
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The new moon lighting LED tunnel lamp, split a high-power LED tunnel lamp officially listed. This LED tunnel lamp with genuine America Puri 45mil chip LED lamp, high power factor isolation type constant current drive power, improve LED tunnel lamp brightness at the same time, increase the service life of LED tunnel lamp.

The following figure LED tunnel light of the positive picture.

The structure of the new LED tunnel lamp adopts a rectangular shaped arrangement, overall, this structure is more suitable for long tunnel pavement lighting, but also increase the heat dissipation area of the LED tunnel lights, the cooling effect is more excellent, reduce decay, greatly prolong the service life of LED tunnel lamp.

LED tunnel lamp black shell, more luxurious and beautiful, shiny surface by acrylic lens with a high rate of light, good toughness. Peanuts lens elongated light distribution, the LED tunnel lights to improve the utilization rate of more than 50%.

Rear drive and mounting bracket, LED tunnel light overall visual neat and compact, easy to install and post maintenance.

At present the LED tunnel lamp has been fully through the detection, the parameters meet or exceed the national standard, volume sales, hope that the majority of new and old customers satisfied, we also hope that the LED tunnel lamp products other various styles to meet your approval.

The picture above is the back of the LED tunnel light.

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