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2012 LED industry dragon leap
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China's LED industry, after a year of trough, even more will not stop the pace of development. Because in the global warming and energy prices are rising, energy conservation and emission reduction, green low carbon has become the common development of all mankind. LED's weak performance in the backlight market and the growth of sales in the lighting market, but it is the darkness before dawn. With the "12th Five-Year" plan, the government support policy more awesome, such as Guangdong province 5 years will continue to invest 10 billion yuan of special funds to support development of strategic emerging industries. As a strategic priority in the development of the LED lighting, is undoubtedly the most explosive industry stars.

LED in terms of the energy saving property, characteristic or its diverse color, high color and adjustable light point of view, has the incomparable advantage of traditional light source. LED enterprise as long as the correct countermeasures, will be able to get through the difficulties, and get the opportunity to create a greater application and market, to meet the bright prospects.

2012 will be a year full of opportunities and challenges.

The future of the LED industry will continue to show the integration of resources, industry chain integration trend. At present, Taiwan chip optoelectronic, wide gallium optical and other international chip giants continue to swim down the extension or look for packaging and application of the cooperation business for strategic cooperation. Traditional energy-saving lamps brand manufacturers are also actively transferred to this one, from the material, epitaxy, chip, packaging, application to the pipeline, the whole industry chain integration, in order to share a cup of soup. As the LED package and application of vertical integration zoher photoelectric, pay more attention to the development of a double, winning the independent research and development technology, upstream epitaxial, chip expansion; use a lamp itself devices and lighting application products sales network, and actively build independent brand and pipeline. Enterprises from entry location of LED lighting to the precise positioning of LED indoor lighting, continuous integration of industrial chain and optimize the product line to enhance the product price; key support through the existing sales network, the pursuit of market share to the point to the surface of high-speed development.

A cheaper, high luminous efficiency of the chip will be with the promotion of the market continue to be applied, lighting is no longer the survival requirements simple, and upgrade to the pursuit of life. The ultimate direction of the development of indoor lighting products will be into millions of households. As the mainland currently has the most complete product line of enterprise interior lighting, photoelectric Zhongheng in the wholesale and retail product line will be further developed, the price is more suitable for mass consumption "to the countryside for the lamp and lantern art personality; in the engineering application of the product line, the development of more high efficiency LED light alloy longer life more efficient and comprehensive application in indoor lighting commercial, industrial, office and other places.

A soldering iron a screwdriver 35 person can do LED, then 2012, who will win the war of light?

35 years ago, China's LED industry leader is the most by simple equipment, rough process, the original management step by step. But today, with the old method can win? 2011 to give us the answer: who lost, like the cold hit, how many people dream of wealth harvest; who won a LED feeling, simple and not so simple.

1 low starting point but to fine development;

The use of more efficient machine equipment, technical solutions, not only for the sake of their own corporate image, but also the quality of products for the protection. Absorption of 6S, ISO and other concepts of the essence, not for a number of titles, but to enhance the strength of the face of the global market after more intense competition in the cruel and cold.

2 to pack more to connotation;

The more intense competition is the need for effective packaging promotion; the more gorgeous packaging behind, the more the quality of the enterprise standard, the test of the bottom line of conscience. To do a hundred years, not stay in the oral; the real winner is not by selling low-quality chips, Jerry to cut the price. The general manager said the same as zoher photoelectric, because the price is already, to achieve the industry chain vertical integration and production efficiency improvement.

3 innovation not to be refurbished;

Enterprises should not be a way out of the development will not be copied, and now the market, LED product appearance homogenization phenomenon has become increasingly serious. Business technology department should be based on the structure, the quality of the technology to enhance the direction, rather than the number of development products for the assessment objectives. Companies mastering patent technology will gradually gain a huge advantage in the later stage of competition!

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