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Warm congratulations on the moon lighting through the Alibaba depth inspection certification
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The moon lighting predecessor Huaxin lighting was founded in 2004, and in 2010 changed its name registered as Zhongshan Yueshen Lighting Co. ltd.. Company's flagship high power LED tunnel lamp, LED wash wall lamp, LED street lamp, LED mining lamp, LED cast light lamps and other lighting.

Twelve years later, in the leadership of the company and the staff's joint efforts, the company continues to grow, so far, the company has 4 large power lighting production line, an automatic dispensing, Mounter, reflow, line detection, detection of the whole lamp, with integral ball, light light distribution curve tester the detection equipment more than and 10, comprehensive and complete detection of LED tunnel lamp, LED lamp, LED wall lights and other LED lighting.

Over the years, the company is committed to R & D and production of LED wall lights, LED tunnel lights, LED lights, LED lamp, LED lamp and other new lighting, has launched as many as hundreds of novel products, especially in the LED tunnel lights, LED wall lights, LED lights, not broken the launch of new products.

The moon lighting has been developed for many years in the Alibaba platform, the integrity of this year is the seventh year. In order to better promote our LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED in the Alibaba on the wall lamp, LED mining lamp, LED lamp and other products, the company in March of this year for the Alibaba depth inspection factory certification requirements and reach the Alibaba timely feedback, May dispatched third party certification bodies to do our specialist the depth of field inspection certification. Specialist to check the inspection strictly fine with various materials and products of various certificates, and from the front companies, general manager of the office, the branch office, business hall, testing room, sample room to the workshop, check, one by one to verify all kinds of equipment, and a do take photos. Finally, in the R & D department alone took sample pictures LED tunnel lamp, LED lamp, LED wall lights, LED light bulbs. Here, for the certification of the Commissioner of the meticulous work style point.

The field audit work over a week later, the company will receive SMS notification by the third party certification body, announced by the third party moon lighting smooth depth inspection certification! The same day, the Alibaba will be uploaded to the website of the integrity of the company's certification information, marking the perfect pass through the authority of the certification.

Congratulations once again by the third party Alibaba moon lighting depth inspection certification!

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