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LED lighting will be the top half of the building lighting market in China
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It is estimated that in 2012 the value of LED applied to construction lighting will grow to $684 million more than last year doubled. Since World Expo, the discussion of LED lamp can not be denied that the future can be heard without end, LED is expected to completely replace the neon lamp, and then become the protagonist of building lighting market.

LED lighting market as a national strategic development of the next generation of lighting technology, will have important significance to the development of a new generation of information technology, but the China LED lighting market heavy haze, when can dispel the clouds and see the sun is also worth exploring. Most of the current enterprises in Chinese walk in the downstream industry chain, the upstream industry chain in only a small part of China enterprises, and the survival difficult technical problem is the primary obstacle to enterprise China eat this inviting cake.

In the Chinese policy guidance, local governments have to borrow the LED wind industry, local economic restructuring and industrial upgrading, and set off a local construction of large LED production base wave. Due to the lower technical threshold low, naturally become the most appropriate incision into the LED industry, the inevitable result of such a large-scale investment in the downstream industry chain is brought about by the repeated construction and waste of resources, and even produce excess capacity and foam.

Data show that the current approval of the 7 major semiconductor lighting industry base, and in fact, most of the provinces are currently under construction in the LED industry base, and intends to apply for the national title in a timely. Such a hot situation will naturally appear such a problem, according to statistics, only the Guangdong area of Taiwan funded enterprises in the lighting up to more than and 500. A large number of enterprises caused by the accumulation of the downstream industry chain industry concentration is not high, in fact, the downstream industry chain profit is quite limited, accounting for only 10% to 20% of the whole industrial chain, so the phenomenon is particularly prominent, the level of competition this situation is inevitable as can be imagined, will lead to disorderly market competition and a series of chaos status.

Chinese lighting industry plate construction is more and more obvious, in addition to promoting national strategic factors, the local government contributed, most enterprises loss at this stage or to promote the re integration and reshuffle of the industry, to the enterprise investors, this is both a challenge and an opportunity to win, seize the commanding heights of industry with the industry, to adjust the time to build the brand advantage might be rare opportunity

The vicious competition of enterprise will reduce the ability of market consumption capacity, and may even be destroyed just to establish confidence in the market, the enterprise qualifications vary, the product has seriously dampened consumer uneven in quality, reliability, the development of a new industry is very dangerous, if not recognized by the market, the development of existing industries will but as the market is stagnant, cumbersome, the situation is not optimistic, which is a major factor at this stage of the market sales situation no improvement.

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