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In 2012 four LED lamp packaging technology trends
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High power LED lamp package technology is mainly to high luminous efficiency, high reliability, high heat capacity and thickness of four directions, the main highlights are: silicon LED, COB packaging technology, flip chip package, LED type high pressure LED. And will pass 2012 Shanghai international new light source and new energy lighting exhibition and Forum (Lighting Shanghai Green 2012) this authoritative, professional and international exchange platform for industry professionals.

Silicon based LED lamp has attracted more and more attention, because it is better than the traditional LED sapphire substrate cooling capacity, so the power to do more, Cree will focus on the development of silicon based LED, its main problem is that the yield is low, cost is also high.

COB light source production cost is relatively low, the heat dissipation function is obvious, and has high packaging density and high light density characteristics, easy to carry out personalized design, is one of the leading direction of future packaging development. There is a decrease in COB optical lens multiple refraction caused by a loss of light, so in the light and heat energy efficiency increase remains to be improved, the substrate production yield also needs to be improved.

Flip chip LED chip package is one of the objectives of the industry to develop. Flip chip production is solid and can avoid many simple and complex process, the feasibility of production increased dramatically, and the back-end chip process, collocation on eutectic solid crystal, which greatly simplifies the flip chip packaging technology threshold, in driving the future of energy saving and carbon reduction, flip chip the package is a good solution.

High voltage LED lamp package is also a major focus. High pressure product is in a new thinking to solve the solid state lighting energy consumption caused by excess circuit problems, and thus help consumers reduce the purchase cost, the voltage in different regions under different operating conditions, can be used for fast and convenient.

High power LED lamp package upgrade products, the price is expected to step down

In 2012, LED beads package product competition mainly concentrated in the LED backlight and LED lamp lighting two main battlefield. The mainstream LCD TV backlight specifications LED components market in 2012 will be a new specification (7030) are taking over. As in the lighting field, (5630) products in the price dropped to a certain range, the future application in the proportion of LED lamp lighting market will gradually increase, is expected to squeeze down (3014) and (3020) the application of LED packaging products in the lighting market.

A large number of specifications is depleted, and thus help consumers reduce the purchase cost of terminal. At present, the TV backlight (5630) or about 4%, (7030) in the absence of production conditions, the average price seems not very competitive, but if a smooth production, is expected by the end of 2012 is expected to drop substantially; notebook computer (NB) makes the application of high brightness 0.8t LED rise, the largest decline of 8%; mobile phone, as the specification gradually mature, so the price decline of about 5~6%; high power LED parts manufacturers are committed to promoting and clearing old product specifications, about overall average price decline of about 10%; as for LCD backlight products, has the brand factory import high current drive 3014 package, the use quantity can be reduced by about half LED; the backlight specifications (5630) and the price decline has been mature, more and more manufacturers to use lighting applications (5630) to produce LED tube or bulb, the first half of the estimated 2012 price fell The amplitude is about 10%.

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