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LED industry: everywhere under prosperity latent small crisis
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Due to the huge market potential and opportunity, make LED industry in the past two years the rapid fire up, from the enterprise to the local government, is not optimistic about the prospects, but it is the lack of standards has become a great obstacle to the development of the whole industry. Industry experts told reporters that due to the lack of unified standard optical components and standard, and the development of each enterprise's existing facilities and equipment, and the technology level is not balanced, the development of the LED industry is facing severe challenges. And as a big province of D LE, Guangdong is the first to solve this problem.

A small latent crisis under prosperity

"LED lighting is the next generation of lighting products trends, which has become the whole industry does not matter." Shenzhen Fucheng long photoelectric lighting Co. Ltd. General Manager Jiang Yue of "Economic Reference News" reporter said.

LED lighting lamp with long service life, high light efficiency and low power consumption with its characteristics, so it has obvious advantages compared to traditional lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, and this country is now advocated creating a "green low-carbon life" policy.

In fact, in recent years, the LED industry continues to develop positive.

2007, China set up special funds for the development of E D L, and in 2008 released the Interim Measures for the management of efficient lighting products to promote financial subsidies, the state will accelerate the use of financial subsidies to promote the application of LED. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other places are on the E D L energy saving lighting products put billions of dollars of financial subsidies. National Development and Reform Commission to develop the elimination of inefficient lighting products (incandescent) roadmap, to promote efficient energy-saving lighting products. In March this year, the Ministry of finance, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology also jointly organized the 2012 semiconductor lighting products financial subsidies to promote the project, will be the development of LED subsidies.

According to Gao Gong E D L Industry Research Institute statistics show that in 2011 China's E D L industry output value reached 154 billion yuan, an increase of 22%, production increased by 50%. 2012 is expected to be driven by the lighting products, the industry's output value is expected to reach 200 billion yuan, an increase of 30%. And in the future, E D L also seems to have a good prospect. In a professional forum at the end of 2011, the Ministry of science and technology official said: "12th Five-Year LE D national energy conservation plan targets: by 2015, the industrialization of LED light lumen to reach 150 LM / W, R & D level reach 200 LM / W, life up to 50 thousand hours, the market scale reached 500 billion yuan."

This is undoubtedly the development of the entire E D L industry to inject sufficient vitality. But industry experts, this stretch of prosperity, a big crisis lurks.

Shenzhen LED Industry Association, Guangdong province semiconductor lighting industry association secretary general Gui Shirong told the economic reference news "reporter said that the standard is currently the biggest obstacle to the development of LED industry, especially the lack of uniform standard specifications of optical components and the lamp.

Gui Shirong said that the country is gradually improving the relevant standards of LED, but the current lack of situation is not optimistic. "The lack of standards, and the development of each enterprise's existing facilities and equipment, and the technology level is not balanced, which appeared on the market for LED lighting applications product variety, different properties, interchangeability, so as to the development of the whole industry has posed a severe challenge, but also restricted the healthy development of semiconductor lighting industry to a certain extent." Gui Shirong said.

It is reported that China currently has more than 3 thousand L E D enterprises, but due to the lack of standards, local governments at all levels or the manufacturer operation according to their own standards, inter industry lack of product identity, the enterprise most is "stage alone, fight the enemy separately".

"Standards are not, a lot of technology is still being perfected, the cost is high, the market is not very strong willingness to apply. Currently the domestic E D L industry development is still in the primary stage." An industry such as a summary of the road.

The urgent need to develop industry standards LED

In the industry view, due to the lack of a significant impact on the standard, is the uneven development of the industry, the quality of the entire industry.

Some media have reported that many buyers from overseas for China L E D product is the biggest criticism, poor product quality Chinese LED energy-saving lamp manufacturing, does not comply with the relevant technical standards and requirements of environmental protection, the service life is low and easy to cause harm to the human body. As a result, many D LE lighting manufacturers often encounter overseas market returns.

And this kind of thing in a E D L industry people seem to be very normal". Because D LE industry standard missing, so it also led to the entire industry to enter the threshold is very low, no matter what people are running to do E D L, and no matter what the professional is not professional. There is no standard, no leader in the production of all kinds of will, technical requirements are, so the market also appeared in a variety of uneven quality of products." The people complained to reporters, a large number of small LED enterprises lack core technology development and product design, but the imitation and some innovative enterprise infringes intellectual property rights, "low quality" to hit the market, this is also largely against the innovative business interests, the impact of the market the overall healthy development.

It is worth noting that, at present, foreign enterprises in the development of the LED standard has long been ahead.

It is reported that many of the current international standardization organizations and relevant enterprises are very seriously the issue of standards. International Electrical Commission and the international lighting commission are very concerned about the development of LED and related LED devices standardization work, Europe and the United States and other countries have their own technical standards and testing research methods. While some international LED companies such as PHILPS, OSRAM and other countries and actively participate in international standardization work at the same time, also made their own enterprise standards, regulate the radio parameters of LED lighting, such as voltage, current, luminous flux, color coordinates, color temperature, color, life index. In early 2010, by PHILPS, OSRAM,, Toshiba and other lighting giant established cooperation organization -Zhaga alliance, defines the various optical engine interface standard. At present, the standardization has been basically formed, the product will also be launched in the Chinese market.

"Originally LED industry has been the upper reaches of foreign companies have been grasped, mastered the core technology and chips. China's LED products are mainly focused on the application of lighting products, but now the standards of these products, but also by foreign enterprises to seize the initiative, which is not conducive to the development of the national industry." The industry said that despite the current pace of domestic LED has been very fast pace, but compared with the international counterparts in Europe and America, there is still no small gap. Because a lot of foreign enterprises have independent intellectual property rights is, and will cross licensing each other in the core technology, and if we master the LED Standards Initiative, is likely to gradually erode the domestic market. "I am worried that the prosperity of China's D LE industry will not be a flash in the pan because of the lack of standards." The industry said.

"In order to better regulate the market, but also for the development of the industry, the urgent need to develop L E D industry standard." Jiang Yue said.

Chinese Electronics Technology Group thirteen Research Institute researcher Zhang Wansheng said in last year, LED national standards and not be so anxious. But before the national standard of immature, industry association LE D product standard for some large enterprises, demonstration, communication and discussion, establish a benchmark for other manufacturers for reference, so as to lay the foundation for the development of industry and national standards.

LED Guangdong Province opened a good start

Guangdong Province as a big province of L E D L E D, in the industrial development and standards and other aspects can be opened a good head.

Gui Shirong on the Economic Information Daily reporters, said the province of Guangdong is a large province of LED, LED industry accounted for 60% of the share of the country, and the Guangdong provincial government has always attached great importance to the development of D LE industry. "11th Five-Year" during the uniform deployment of the Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology and promotion, the province has done a lot of semiconductor lighting application demonstration project, this process also accumulated a wealth of industry experience. In the 12th Five-Year plan, the semiconductor lighting has been taken as a strategic emerging industries in Guangdong province. March 12, 2012, the full text of the Guangdong provincial government website announced the development of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province, 12th Five-Year plan, the plan shows that Guangdong will vote 11 billion 600 million to support 13 LED projects. From the government level, this is a great support.

Gui Shirong said that in August 2011, Guangdong province science and Technology Department organized 21 scientific research institutions and enterprises jointly set up a joint innovation center of Guangdong province semiconductor lighting industry". With the center as a link, the upstream and downstream industry chain or technology complementary enterprises, universities and research institutions together to overcome a number of D LE core key technologies. In addition, Guangdong in the L E D product promotion also spare no effort to establish a joint meeting system, the province, the relevant departments jointly organized and implemented the "Trinidad one hundred thousand high power L E D lamp industrialization demonstration project and green lighting demonstration city special action, LE D road lamp installed more than 260 thousand units of the province, demonstration sections more than 2 thousand and 500 kilometers. The scale and among the nation's progress.

Gui Shirong said, at present Guangdong province has launched the "research and implementation of the L E D lighting standard optical components" project, is working to establish LED indoor lighting products benchmarking system related knowledge and standards, and has begun work to accept the relevant product testing.

Now is the key stage of the development of the industry, the need for standardization, serialization, standardization to enhance the overall competitiveness of E D L lighting industry." Gui Shirong said. He said that for the LED product standardization is the need for the development of the industry and the need for strategic research. Make full use of this platform and the use of semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center, convened by the province industry leading enterprises, gather national and global quality resources as soon as possible, collection, research and development of semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong province and has certain forward-looking standard optical components to establish the current economic applicable and guide, LED lighting industry toward standardization the serialization, standardization direction development, to enhance the overall competitiveness of Guangdong LED lighting industry, it is very important and far-reaching significance.

It is understood that the semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong joint innovation center "standard light components" project construction, there will be 100 domestic LED enterprises to participate. The project will study the morphological structure, functional characteristics, standard interface, using standard, testing methods and related technical standards and patents of the optical components at different levels. Gui Shirong said that with the gradual maturity of these standards, the future is likely to become a national standard.

It is reported that the project is expected to include standard optical components products, related technology patents, product technology and testing standards, product coding principles, product development roadmap and technology roadmap, etc.. These results will be the first product exhibition held in June 28th this year, the 2012 Shenzhen international L E D exhibition, exhibitors including nationstar (002449, shares), FSL (000541, shares), de Ho Runda (002005, shares), T Cl, Lehman photoelectric (300162, shares), Chau Ming science and Technology (300232, shares), aisuojia industry, unique photoelectric, Moso power supply (002660, shares), Kai Chang De electronics, REFOND Optoelectronics (300241, shares), photoelectric (300269, shares), alto Electronics (002587, shares), Adrian, 000 photoelectric science and technology of China (002654 shares), a semiconductor lighting, Jufei (300303, shares) etc..

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