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Soil tutor you how to pick LED tunnel lamp to avoid being pit
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To get married, you have to have a marriage room. Similarly, there is a tunnel, it is necessary to install the tunnel light, which is just need. Marriage can also be naked marriage, do not marriage room, but the repair tunnel, you must install the tunnel lights, did not have to say that there is a bare tunnel, really like that, not the tunnel, but the hell channel.

With the enhanced awareness of energy saving (in fact, this is the main reason is the economic benefits of Mandarin, the guiding role of the market), tunnel lights from the high-pressure sodium lamp light source tunnel lamp single gradually turned into the LED tunnel lamp. Almost 100 percent of new tunnels using LED tunnel lights, the transformation of the old tunnel lighting, but also mostly changed to LED light source, no doubt, LED tunnel lights is the trend.

Compared with the traditional LED tunnel lamp sodium lamp tunnel lamp advantages, Internet everywhere numerous articles have demonstrated this, needless to say, here, the author as a practitioner of 15 years old, expert LED, easy to understand, not jerky terminology household words teach you how to choose to meet LED tunnel lights you requested, avoid being slaughtered by the pit, or choose not to cause economic waste.

The first is the choice of power. The traditional 250W lamp with LED tunnel lights, tunnel lights, with about 100W power is enough. Although the lamp luminous flux for LED tunnel lamp 100W is lower than sodium 250W tunnel lights, but the light source LED tunnel lamp is one-way, the light utilization rate is much higher than sodium, followed by the color index of the LED light source can reach more than Ra80, much higher than the color index of the lamp. Tongsudeshuo, is the same illumination, LED tunnel lamp with high color rendering index under the object than low sodium light refers to the object to clear a lot. So blind to choose a large power LED tunnel lamp is wrong, the election is the last word.

Followed by the choice of chips. We know that the tunnel lamp is generally all day long 24 hours of continuous use, the LED light attenuation is relatively high. At the same current, power and cooling conditions, the small size light chip specifications should be greater than the big chip decay, domestic chip chip light attenuation than imports. According to my understanding, currently on the market mainstream products of high power LED tunnel lamp is used for the majority of the United States Puri 45mil chip or OSRAM chips, there are a few low-end products are used in wafer 33mil chip or even the use of domestic small chip, procurement personnel must be clear what is the chip manufacturers in the procurement, avoid to be deceived.

In addition is the driving power supply. In a sense, the driving power for the LED tunnel lamp is more important than the LED chip. The chip is not good, which is generally decline is relatively large, relatively short life, and if it is driven to suck, directly led tunnel lamp misfiring, completely lost. Selection of high-quality drive is beyond doubt, even in order to consider the cost, the choice of domestic prices of the power supply, but also at least the use of high PF value (generally greater than 0.95). Some manufacturers of low-end LED tunnel lamp products using a low power factor of the drive power, the installation of this LED tunnel lights do not have the energy saving effect, the pit you do not discuss.

There is also a problem is the light of the tunnel light. At present, LED tunnel lights on the market are mostly in the vertical direction of the road tunnel and the longitudinal distribution of light, the light irradiation for a wide road, but the tunnels are generally relatively narrow road, the light is the light of waste. In view of this, Zhongshan moon lighting developed LED tunnel lamp with lateral light, is light and is the direction of the road is a kind of light extending parallel. This lateral light, more suitable for narrow road tunnel lighting, make full use of light, reduce the number of installed LED tunnel lights, greatly save the initial investment cost, but also reduce the late use of electricity costs, achieve economic and social benefits.

About LED tunnel light color moderate anti glare problem. We know that the LED light source under the same power, the luminous flux is white color temperature of 5000K-6000K is the highest, most bright, but from the visual feeling, the color temperature of 4000K-4500K natural white can make people feel comfortable. Anti glare problem is also a tunnel lamp must be taken into consideration, the majority of the market LED tunnel lamp is made of transparent glass, the vehicle to enter the tunnel, the driver open LED lamp, more dazzling, affecting the line of sight. At present, the relatively high end of the LED tunnel lamp has been used for special anti glare glass, with the anti glare glass tunnel light soft light, no glare, no impact on the line of sight. This anti glare configuration is the main direction of development of the LED tunnel lights in the future, can be combined with the purchase price of a comprehensive consideration.

Finally is about the LED tunnel lamp housing options. Generally speaking, the shell of the heat dissipation effect is better than the shell of the shell, if there is no special requirements, as far as possible to select the LED tunnel lamp housing.

These are the author of the LED tunnel lighting to the procurement staff of the proposal or to remind, I hope you can purchase to be satisfied with the LED tunnel lighting products.

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