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The popularity of semiconductor (LED) lighting will become the driving force of energy conservation
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"The ninth China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum" (9th China International Forum on Solid State Lighting) held in November 5 to 7 days at the Westin Hotel Guangzhou. From the beginning, the forum by the Guangdong provincial science and technology department and the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government jointly organized. In this forum, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and Chinese Ministry announced the future industrial revitalization plan, in addition, LED lighting in the facilities in the import case, and to develop the market of BRICs discussion has also been the concern of the participants. The forum is a feeling that China in terms of LED lighting, has begun to move from the stage of learning basic stage to solve the actual problems of the stage.

The average annual growth rate was 30%

In this forum, the first stage of the speech of vice minister Cao Jianlin said, "to promote green development in Chinese" (green development) project (LED), semiconductor lighting will become the driving force of the popularization of energy-saving. He said that by 2015, when China has 25% of the lighting into the semiconductor lighting, the annual savings of 100 billion kWh power. China's semiconductor lighting technology has achieved rapid development in recent 10 years, the semiconductor lighting industry over the past 8 years, the average annual growth rate reached 30%. China's LED lighting market is expected to grow to $500 billion in 2015. At present, China's domestic MOCVD device retains the amount of more than 900 units, LED chip domestic rate increased to 50%.

In order to achieve the popularity of LED lighting and in 2009 launched the "Ten City million plan" to expand to 37 cities, has been implemented more than 2 thousand projects. With the implementation of the plan, has been set up about 6 million LED lights, according to the estimated annual savings of 500 million kWh power. In addition, in 2012 the Ministry of finance, development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology jointly decided to provide support for the LED lighting program. Since then through the tender, in August 2012 to determine the object of subsidies.

China has 10 million people from the countryside into the city every year, to build 2 billion square meters of new buildings every year. Cao Jianlin think, from this point of view, the future of LEC lighting market is still expected to continue to expand. However, Cao Jianlin pointed out that the current Chinese LED industry, there are still a lot of problems". Among them, the problem of lack of technical support is particularly serious, in the upstream material technology and the world is still a big gap. In addition, the system integration technology also needs to be further strengthened, and there are problems such as the lower reaches of the leading brands.

To strengthen cooperation with other countries

Cao Jianlin acknowledged that China's green industry, such as solar power generation industry, "in (because of the government to encourage policy and free factories) excess state, there should be controlled by the voice". But Cao Jianlin does not think the government to support excessive, said to be in a better environment to foster industry, you need to provide support for the further development of the strength of the enterprise". He also pointed out that China is currently unable to cross the barriers to the popularity of smart grid technologies, such as the government's support across this barrier, help promote the further development of the green industry.

Cao Jianlin also said that in the recent world economic stagnation and the slowdown in China's economic development, in the future with the developed countries, BRICs and strengthen cooperation with neighboring countries will become increasingly important. Therefore, China needs to establish a "open and win-win" cooperation relationship with other countries. As examples of this, South Africa International Economic Affairs Committee Chairman Em Coleman speech, introduced in the South African students China technical education, learning all kinds of technology, and began to try to apply these techniques to the motherland. Allegedly, the two countries plan through mutual cooperation, the future of the establishment of LED lighting engineering center in South africa".

Guangdong province has become a major base for the LED industry

Then, the Guangdong provincial science and technology department director Li Xinghua on stage. According to Li Xinghua introduction, the amount of LED production in Guangdong province reached 151 billion 500 million yuan in 2011, 2 times in the last two consecutive years to achieve growth. 2012 LED production is expected to be more than 200 billion yuan, which is the highest in the provinces in the region. As of March 2012, Guangdong province has set up about 300 thousand street lights, from May 2012 onwards will import more than 120 thousand LED street lights, indoor LED lighting more than 300 thousand. 2013 LED street lamp set amount is expected to exceed 1 million.

Guangdong province has grown to such a large production base of LED. The background is that the government of Guangdong province to promote the growth of the LED industry, has been a strategic LED manufacturers to promote investment in equipment, technology development and application development. Guangdong provincial government in the last 3 years to promote the popularity of LED lighting, has a total investment of 1 billion 350 million yuan.

Green development, cycle development, low carbon development"

November 2012 held the eighteenth National Congress put forward the goal of building a "beautiful China" and promoting the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. Which put forward the "green development, recycling, low carbon development," the slogan. In the future, China will support the low-carbon energy industry as well as promote the development of renewable energy as a national cause continue to move forward.

China's LED lighting penetration rate of only 3 ~ 4%. At present, it is in the stage of general popularization. In the future, it will need to be expanded to make the manufacturing process automation to reduce the cost, as well as to achieve the efficient use of materials and other technological innovations. The Japanese device and component manufacturers, China will become the ideal.

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