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Characteristics and advantages of LED cast light lamps
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LED lamp, literally is the light projected by light rays were dense, as cast light by the smooth brightness higher than the surrounding environment, so the light projection lamp is also called LED or LED spotlight, its name is LEDFloodLight.LED English cast light through the built-in micro control chip the range and intensity of illumination.

1, according to the use of the situation, you can design a variety of application support, so that the LED light can be adjusted in any direction. And convenient installation.

2, integrated heat dissipation structure design, than the general structure design to increase the heat dissipation area of 80%, to ensure the LED luminous efficiency and service life.

3, than the general LED lights have a greater dimming angle, the use of more flexible.

4, special waterproof design, the interior of the additional rain guide, special processing circuit board, even if the water does not affect the use of lamps.

Analysis on the application of LED cast light lamps:

Because the projection lamp can be aimed at any direction, and has the structure which is not affected by the weather condition, the application scope is very wide. There are: large area of the mine, the building profile, the stadium, the overpass, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc.. Usually the large area of LED lamps used outdoors can be referred to as LED projection lamp. So the LED light is LED outdoor lighting lighting moon star product, the production of LED light, good quality, high efficiency, favored by the majority of users.

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