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LED industry competition, the ground does not play, the sale of LED business, diverted to do "to teach mr."
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With the LED lighting industry increasingly incandescent, there are many well-known LED enterprises make a new start. After Lehman photoelectric transformation do sports industry was renamed after Lehman's shares, renamed to rectangular rectangular lighting group transformation, and a LED industry well-known companies start to change his job.

In May 13th investors exchange meeting, said the purchase of Guangzhou KingSun Longwen Education Technology Co., Ltd. 100% stake through the issuance of shares and cash payments to the education industry transformation, 2016 also photoelectric business as possible profit contribution, as soon as possible (for in 2017) will be sold to the ground on the LED business group, which recovered hundreds of millions cash, concentrate on bigger and stronger in the field of education.

In the LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED wall lamp, LED lamp, a strong competitor for lighting so silent moon hidden. Talking about the matter, the moon lighting LED tunnel lamp, LED Street office leadership not sigh, recalled in Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places with KingSun competition bit by bit, to remind colleagues to cherish the moment of work achievement and conscientious work platform, continue to do every thing, adapt to the market environment, maintain a strong market competition in the LED lights, LED tunnel lamp field. Riding, the only way to avoid being eliminated is continuous efforts, continue to move forward toward a higher goal of struggle and struggle!

According to the Foreign Affairs Department learned moon lighting, KingSun will cooperate with the education business strategy, the company headquarters may also be adjusted to Shenzhen or Beijing, the company's senior management team will also introduce senior industry executive education.

According to the Internet information, Longwen education is a "teacher guidance" as the core, with "individualized teaching" features, professional for children, teenagers and adults to provide education and training institutions of education and training and a full range of full-time education.

Although KingSun the pace of transformation seems somewhat difficult to believe, but give up the main industry into the emerging field of it is not unusual. Has developed an artificial intelligence lawyer IBM company's predecessor is to calculate the timing of the company, a manufacturer of measuring instruments, timing equipment and the traditional industrial company.

Industry always has the rise and fall of product has its life cycle, the enterprise must realize the sustainable management, standing hundred years had to keep learning, to follow the trend of development of the industry, timely change track, transformation, reasonable use of their own advantages, to continue to bring new growth momentum for the enterprise industry.

In June 11th this year, Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition period set by the State Science and technology sponsored by its LEDinside, LED and Chinese Guangzhou International Lighting Fair ninth LEDforum2016 Chinese international LED market trends Forum, from LEDinside, Samsung, OSRAM, EPISTAR, Luna lighting experts, UL and other international well-known enterprises and institutions, will be with the guests share LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED wall lamp, LED mining lamp industry transition after entering the mature stage, track and Breakthrough Strategies for your business to take off again to help a helping hand!

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