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LED standard era quietly coming
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In this month, the European Union on directional lamps and LED lamps for export products put forward higher requirements of energy efficiency, energy efficiency index only reached more than 0.2 directional and directional LED lamp fluorescent lamp can enter the EU market, demand is 2.5 times higher than before the energy efficiency. There are agencies predicted that the Guangdong area LED export enterprises will be increased by about 4 billion yuan of production costs.

Long term lack of standards, resulting in Guangdong and even the country's LED industry continued to take low-cost low-quality line. But in the whole world set off the wave of this emerging industry, low-cost low-quality products must not survive for a few years. This is the reality of the market dictates, is a chronic problem need to break through the upgrading of domestic LED industry transformation.

Obviously, in this era of standardization, who first developed the rules of the industry, who will be able to occupy the market led, and thus lead the market to achieve a qualitative breakthrough. Well versed in industrial upgrading of the road to Guangdong, apparently already aware of this point.

In the past more than a month, Guangdong has a number of initiatives aimed at the standardization of the LED industry:

This month, the industry has attracted the attention of Guangdong province "LED benchmark system recommended products directory", finally is waiting in the hot baked. The product is valid for one year, and the date of issuance of the product benchmarking system evaluation score report. It is worth mentioning that, unlike the previous standards, technical specifications, "development" is an important feature of the benchmark system, benchmarking index, overall framework, implementation process, the benchmark value is with the progress of technology and the evaluation results of regular adjustment, continuous progress and dynamic change, the rapid development of practical technology strategic fit emerging industries.

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