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Europe and the United States intends to improve the LED lighting standards
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In the domestic LED industry is facing various difficulties at the same time, from the European Union, the United States and other major export plans to improve the standard of imported products, the news hit again.

According to the Guangdong provincial WTO/TBT Advisory Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the TBT Research Center) estimates, LED export enterprises in Guangdong will therefore increase the production costs of about 4 billion yuan. It is reported that the EU has put forward high efficiency requirements of directional light and LED light, only the energy efficiency index reached more than 0.2 directional and directional LED lamp fluorescent lamp can enter the EU market, demand is 2.5 times higher than before the energy efficiency.

And the United States in the briefing on the import of directional lights and LED lighting products conformity assessment, market supervision and inspection procedures put forward higher requirements, the company's testing costs will therefore increase.

TBT Research Center, said there are more than 3 thousand LED companies in Guangdong Province, and most of the products are exported to Europe and the United states. "We estimate that the above standard upgrade will increase the cost of the LED industry in Guangdong Province, respectively, 2 billion yuan." The above TBT Research Center staff said.

It is understood that the European Union and the United States of Guangdong has expressed the hope that the implementation of the standard time to further postpone the views, however, has not yet received a reply. Some analysts have pointed out that the technical and security standards in Europe and the United States is actually hidden technical barriers to trade.

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