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The strategic significance of the development of LED industry
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Semiconductor lighting (light-emitting diode, LED) is a new type of high efficiency solid light source, which has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long life. The transformation of the world lighting industry and the rise of the emerging semiconductor lighting industry have become an indisputable fact. Semiconductor lighting is widely recognized as one of the most promising high-tech fields in twenty-first Century with the advanced technology and the wide application of products.

At present, semiconductor lighting has been from the original mobile phone, traffic signal, display, landscape decoration and other special lighting field, began to enter the computer, television and other large size LCD backlight, has become the indispensable key components of the contemporary information society "chelseagreat".

The car headlights increasingly mature, especially the Chinese city to speed up the process of the construction of public infrastructure for street lamps and other functional lighting and commercial lighting, will provide market and huge potential for emerging semiconductor lighting industry.

In addition, agriculture, health care and other emerging markets have gradually developed. The next 5-10 years, the global market is likely to form nearly $100 billion of semiconductor lighting applications, is expected to become another trillion yuan industry.

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