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LED lamps to enter the interior lighting must meet the requirements of six points
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LED lighting products in addition to the Japanese lighting market can enter the field of interior lighting, most of the other countries are also applied in the field of landscape lighting. China's indoor lighting market is mainly dominated by incandescent lamps, in addition to a small proportion of energy-saving lamps for home lighting. Domestic LED manufacturers have been formed on a thousand scale, with the foreign lighting market more and more strict, the domestic LED lighting manufacturers to sell products must be sold abroad after a lot of certification. But most of the domestic LED companies belong to small and medium-sized enterprises, have their own research team also have their own patents, its products are sold to developed countries to the lighting market almost impossible.

Last year, the domestic LED companies have suffered the collapse of the tide and overcapacity crisis, opening the domestic indoor lighting market is a major way to solve the current plight of domestic LED companies. So to open the interior lighting market, the domestic LED companies need to do to improve it?

One, LED lamps and lanterns to extend the service life, improve system reliability. In general lighting applications, the overall efficiency of LED, the life and reliability of the system must be improved through the optimization of the system.

Second, LED lighting for the power supply has its own needs, the safety of low voltage, constant current power supply is the environment of the LED lamp.

Third, LED lamp cooling management is very important, directly affect the life of the problem.

Fourth, improve the optical efficiency of 4000K LED lamps with low color temperature when the low color temperature is usually the preferred Home Furnishing indoor lighting. Warm white light makes the whole environment more warm and relaxed, while the cold white light gives a clean, efficient and bright feeling, which is more suitable for office and outdoor lighting.

Fifth, LED to diversify products, must realize the diversification of the LED light source, such as a variety of colors to choose from, the output power is not single, and also have the characteristics of compact and efficient.

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