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LED street lighting in some areas of the road lighting has been replaced by the advantages of other light source
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Compared with the first two years to promote the LED street lamps, and now the LED street lighting products have been gradually mature, highlighting the advantages of energy-saving. LED street lamp heat dissipation and design are constantly emerging out of some new ideas, life and light quality problems have been solved. Some LED street lamp enterprises have just received some foreign orders in the new year. After the comprehensive consideration, we have a selective pick up some of the single, but also gave up some of the single, we think it is better to do the quality of the product. This idea is becoming a trend in LED lighting companies, after the market turmoil this year, we will focus on improving the quality of the products LED lights up, industry experts called for to improve the quality of lighting has attracted more attention of the enterprise, after all, provides an opportunity to reshape the industry order LED road lighting market competition in the future, based on a deep understanding of the market demand, the market can look forward to the future.

In upgrading the quality of products and lighting, the company is still focused on solving the problem of heat dissipation, product life, as well as light distribution problems. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the current domestic LED street lamps in the heat design continues to make new breakthroughs. Shanghai think twice before the introduction of Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. two years ago, a unique design of LED street lighting products - up and down through the design, can be a very good solution to the problem of heat. Think before the relevant person in charge told reporters that the current market cooling design there are two main ways, namely, die-casting, the overall casting of a shell on the back. One is aluminum, such as posted on the back, the front is closed. And our products are up and down through the design, to achieve a single heat, the surface area of direct contact with the air, a good solution to the heat problem. The traditional lamp plus a piece of glass, lit only the edge of the air to achieve convection, if from the front side of the back of the diversion is not too good. From the perspective of heat dissipation, this design form is expected to become the trend of development. The light distribution problem is to get the attention of the enterprise, many industry insiders even believe that "LED lamp light distribution is the soul", a little fine-tuning will look simple plastic lens internal to the angle of application effect is obviously different. It is believed that these problems will bring about a new leap in the quality of products.

The street market price sensitivity than the commercial lighting market is low, in terms of price, most of the LED street lamp manufacturers said in 2011 LED street price will be mainly affected by chip prices, in the absence of technology and scale breakthrough under the premise, the space is not reduced. More and more manufacturers this year will focus on the in-depth study of application technology perfect products.

At present LED street lamp technology is in the development stage, the space is huge. Compared with traditional light sources, LED lights in some areas (such as road lighting City Road, road, street, village roads) has replaced other source advantage. According to media reports, the LED street lamp demonstration assessment of United States Bureau of energy plan in California city of Oakland found that the average per lamp power LED lamp is 77.7 watts, compared to the average power of HPS high pressure sodium lamp of 121 watts, about 35% to 4100 hours a year operation time calculation, power saving can be expected 178 kilowatts a year. Most European and American manufacturers products concentrated in the small roads, secondary roads, commercial street, the courtyard of the scope of application, the goal is to substitute the high-pressure sodium lamp below 250W or metal halide lamp.

According to the current LED lighting technology and price overall, LED lights applied to the energy-saving advantages of secondary roads and branches below 10 meters is very obvious. If the next 3-5 years, the efficiency of LED light source to break through LED, 150lm/W in the various neighborhoods of road lighting will achieve rapid development.

Most experts believe that when the total use of LED lamps cost less than the total cost of use of traditional lighting lamps can be replaced. Most of the industry is expected by the end of 2011 to early 2012, LED Street will be able to replace a 150W high pressure sodium lamp, by the end of 2012 to early 2013, LED Street will be able to replace a 250W high pressure sodium lamp, and as the technology to further mature and further enhance the efficiency of light, to 2015 LED Street will be able to replace a 400W high pressure sodium lamp.

LED is different from the traditional street lamps in light color and light structure, because of China's vast territory, different regions and different natural environment conditions, will put forward different requirements on LED street, according to local conditions to promote the use of LED lights for the healthy development of the whole industry to play an active role. Many experts said that the road lighting in the future does not have to be made in the form of existing lamps, but the combination of the characteristics of LED light source, innovative design according to the demand, meet the lighting function better, to achieve energy saving and beautiful appearance.

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