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LED industry chain to improve and mature -LED wash wall lamp
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In recent years, LED as a new energy-saving light source in the world and Chinese won got high investment enthusiasm and great concern, and the outdoor to indoor lighting applications market penetration, but also the emergence of large and small China tens of thousands of LED lighting company. The main reason for LED lighting is the shine that has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, easy to control, and maintenance free. However, ironically, we often hear that because the LED driving power of life itself does not become direct drag LED lighting "longevity", which greatly increases the maintenance cost / efficiency; or the driver does not lead to higher conversion efficiency than the LED lighting is not as high, or because the output current ripple do not get good control effect the light quality, the green LED lighting energy-saving advantages of greatly reduced, and even affect the market penetration.

Therefore, the perfection and maturity of LED industry chain, the driving power supply is one of the most important part. But the status quo is the design and quality of the limitations of LED drive power is increasingly becoming the LED industry "hind", so the power module manufacturers, lighting manufacturers pay more attention to the measurement technology and advanced plan. To develop various LED application solutions for vertical combination, to help more Chinese LED lighting manufacturers, drive power suppliers to obtain test results more accurate, to ensure the LED drive power quality, so as to promote the Chinese LED lighting industry healthy and prosperous development.

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