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Zhongshan Ancient Town lights Fair closing, LED companies touted
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The Eleventh China International Lighting Fair and D LE Application Exhibition (referred to as the "light Expo") yesterday (October 21st) in the ancient town of Lighting Plaza curtain. According to the organizers, more and more enterprises to participate in the exhibition related to LED, the traditional lighting in the gradual reduction.

This light fair a total of nearly 600 exhibitors, of which, and LED related enterprises reached more than and 350. And in the last session, only more than and 200 participants.

"Since the ancient town lights Fair since the flagship LED, for several years the number of participating enterprises and the layout of the scale are constantly expanding. In contrast, the traditional lighting is gradually reduced. Can be seen from this change, the current domestic LED industry development momentum is very good." Lights are exhibition company general manager Wei Jiajun said.

Wei Jiajun said, in the previous set booth, LED booth did not arrange so much, but to be booked in advance of a space. In order to meet the needs of more exhibitors, the lights will be specially designed to expand the LED booth to more than 800, but also by the heat. Compared to last year, this year's LED booth increased by more than and 200.

In order to help the lighting enterprises to better develop the international market, in the afternoon of November 19th, the 112nd session of the Canton Fair 44 lamps and ten types of buyers, came to town and local enterprises "face to face" to visit the exchange, business negotiation and trade cooperation. This will help the town's enterprises to further expand overseas markets.

Guzhen Lighting annual output value has reached 17 billion 300 million yuan, the town of lighting and accessories more than 8000 enterprises, has become the largest lighting production base and sales market. February of this year, the State Ministry of industry and Information Technology awarded the town, "national new industrial demonstration base" title.

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