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Both sides of the Strait in hand LED industry is not cold winter
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24, Taiwan LED lighting industry alliance held a general assembly, its predecessor is the Taiwan LED street lamp industry alliance, the alliance will accelerate the development of the LED lighting industry across the Taiwan Strait and international.

In recent months, cross-strait news in a continuous line.

November, the two sides decided to establish a working group on the cooperation of the economic cooperation working group procurement mechanism, and in Shanxi and Harbin to expand the pilot, LED indoor light bulbs are included in the procurement scope for the first time. It will be established since January 6, 2011, has been coordinating and promoting cross-strait economic cooperation development, the cooperation of LED lighting industry to the agenda for the first time since the first half of this year will be the rapid development, the most dazzling.

In November 12th, three optical announcement that intends to use the funds raised 500 million yuan for Taiwan canyuan 19.9% stake, becoming the first major shareholder canyuan photoelectric. Originally is the competition between the two sides, to become partners, complementary advantages, the industry set off bursts of hot each one takes what he needs.

At the beginning of December, the national news will be announced a limited opening of Taiwan LED lighting standards, early will be dominated by the application can immediately use, this is undoubtedly one of Taiwan's LED industry and the mainland market has opened the door a little.

In contrast, Taiwan is very passive. Before the three wave of land owned Taiwan did not obtain ideal results, is very limited on the open range, the fourth wave of land owned Taiwan has delayed progress. Even for marriage, Sanan canyuan century, Taiwan industry have to "wolf" for more than, accused canyuan I am worried about three into Taiwan snatch core technology.

So far, the market has not yet appeared signs of warmer, Taiwan should be far away from the eyes, face up to the development of the problem, the whole Taiwan and Taiwan, cooperation may be on both sides to join hands to cross industry winter heating!

Mainland LED industry in recent years, rapid development, production capacity continues to expand, after the price war and other competition, the profit space is greatly reduced, technology research and development and development of the international market as the only way out. Taiwan LED technology in the world's leading position, and occupy a large share of the international market, however, the biggest appeal is to expand production capacity, reduce costs, open the largest market in the mainland market lighting. Cross-strait cooperation, can be described as multiple. Cross-strait cooperation, not the mainland accounted for the Taiwan industry's cheap, but also the survival of Taiwan LED plant means!

In recent years, the mainland has opened the door to a variety of ways to provide cross-strait interaction opportunities. Prior to the state regulations, Taiwan manufacturers have to set up factories in the mainland before they can participate in bidding, making the Taiwan manufacturers have to set up factories in the mainland, or the development of joint ventures with the mainland. Such mandatory, I think it is good performance, promote the development of cross-strait cooperation. Both sides of the Taiwan Strait, with the same nature, the same interests in the industry, the advent of winter, hand in hand development, will be the fastest way to success.

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