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LED lighting industry to enter the Warring States period"
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The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to let the LED product of a fire, the opening ceremony of the "magic painting scroll" to attract the world's attention, people could not help but exclaim to bring magic LED products.

Recently, the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter found that, at present, the core technology and patent of the global LED industry, more than half of developed countries such as the US and EU share in our country, the lack of core technology and patents in the field of LED, at the same time there is no unified standard, loose cooperative crux; in addition, the product price chaos. The quality of low-end products and disorderly competition, uneven in quality, lack of high-end products. The industry believes that, at present, the LED industry has shown a "feudal lords vying for the throne of chaos".

Winter nanzu industry investment boom

LED can be converted to electrical energy of the semiconductor, as currently the world's most popular new generation light source, this was listed as one of 7 national strategic emerging industry, its huge opportunity to attract the brightest stampede in the capital.

According to public data show that China's LED manufacturers more than 8000, and the annual rate of hundreds of thousands of homes continues to increase.

Reporters learned that, in the past six months, a total of 8 domestic LED lighting companies successfully listed, of which 6 landing gem, the speed of its listing amazing, LED listed companies last year, there are only 7. On the other hand, nearly a year, the domestic small and medium LED enterprises frequently closed down. In Shenzhen, LED lighting business failures of more than 80, Guangdong, Foshan, in 2011 LED lighting enterprises nearly 10% of the failures, LED lighting enterprises in Dongguan, Zhongshan is in the collapse of the cold wave.

According to the latest news, Shenzhen billion yuan LED enterprise is willing to view the current collapse of the electronic light vortex.

At the same time, but in the foreign market Chinese get ready for battle. Prior to the day, the Taiwan East Bay Group invested $25 million in LED optoelectronic devices production project in Beijing digital TV industry park officially started construction, the future will supply LED lighting in North china. In addition, in May this year, OSRAM and Wuxi signed a new LED assembly plant in the local, is expected to be completed by the end of 2013 put into production, the main LED chip package. Following the formal operation of the Chengdu innovation center, GE lighting Xi'an innovation center also established.

Industry marked loss of pain

At present, the LED industry is no unified standard in our country, because of the lack of unified standards and norms, the market for LED lighting applications product variety, different performance, interchangeability, inferior products and frequent, pose serious challenges to the industry's reputation.

International semiconductor lighting Alliance (ISA) secretary general Yue Ruisheng told reporters that the International Commission on illumination, international electronic motor Commission and the European Commission, the United States light engine energy star, ISA and other institutions in the development of LED lighting industry standard, for the right words.

While in our country has been in the development and trial of their own local standards, but the standard confusion, the business side of the standard is qualified, to the side has become unqualified.

On the other hand, the product quality problems caused by the lack of a unified standard also frequently appeared. Recently, there are media reports, Guangdong Province, Province Quality Supervision Bureau released the Guangdong provincial special supervision and inspection results from the town flow LED lamp product quality. Sampling results show that in the sampling of 23 batches from the town of flow LED, the test is not qualified 17 batches, the failure rate of up to 73.9%.

An industry source said that the poor quality of LED products to disrupt the market price, but also makes the consumer trust for LED products greatly reduced, resulting in a vicious circle.

It is reported that in 2011 the export market downturn makes LED industry once again suffered heavy losses, the overseas market LED products such as Christmas tree lighting appliances are almost from the Chinese export in Europe, the economic crisis, the economic recovery in the US weakness and other factors, since the second half of 2011 orders of enterprises reduced sharply in Europe, orders fell three to 50% in the industry is quite common.

Domestic enterprises lack of soft power

The reporter learned that, although China is the largest producer of lighting, but our country is not a brand lighting, a lot of our products are OEM production for others.

According to statistics, at present China LED manufacturers more than 8000, more than 5000 companies in the industry in the downstream, which packaging enterprises have 1200 ~ 1500, more than 100 million yuan in annual sales of about more than and 40, sales in 10 million yuan to 100 million yuan between enterprises is less than 400, most of the sales of the enterprise less than 10 million yuan. Can be seen, although the number of LED enterprises in our country is more, but the scale is generally small.

It is worth noting that, with the vigorous development of the domestic LED market, more and more foreign enterprises to turn to China, especially in recent years, the number of patent applications in the field of LED in China has significantly increased year by year. In addition, from the point of view of the distribution of the industry chain, foreign companies mainly in the field of chip, packaging patents layout more, half of the LED core invention in China put forward a patent application.

Compared with foreign companies, China's LED patent application is obviously at a disadvantage. According to the investigation of the high industrial LED Industry Research Institute, as of the end of 2008, China's LED related patent applications for a total of 26 thousand and 71, which is in the middle reaches of the industry and downstream packaging and application of patents close to 50%.

From the profit structure, the profit margin of the middle and lower reaches only accounted for about 25% of the whole industry chain. In the upper reaches of the chip and packaging manufacturing enterprises accounted for about 75% of the industry chain profit.

Guangzhou Shuai Yang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Lu Weiqiang said in an interview, LED industry is not do not make money in the LED industry chain, the upstream epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturing cost is huge, the highest profit part of the domestic LED industry downturn, after all the reason is lack of core industries. This is the same industry, the company mainly foreign patent layout in the upper and middle reaches of the chip, package, and domestic LED whole industry chain, a large number of LED companies are in the downstream enterprises lack core technology.

Wang Lianghai, vice president of Tsinghua Tongfang also believes that because the core technology still lies in developed countries, talent and technology is still the largest short board development of domestic LED industry upstream, downstream and LED products, but also because of the high price and market competition, seriously hindered the application of the products promotion.

Visible, how to change the industry lack of core, to get rid of low-level redundant construction, has its own industry's core technology is the crux of the LED industry in china.

Experts on the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter said that domestic enterprises should refer to foreign advanced enterprises by improving technological innovation investment, development, transformation and application of mechanism research, a number of high value-added products, the establishment of enterprises, market-oriented, a combination of technological innovation system, improve the soft power industry.

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