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Analysis on the structure and appearance design of LED lamps
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At LED street as an example, the application of LED street lamp attention and favor of many enterprises, but there are some problems in the structure design, lighting and other creative design, to the owners of the use and selection caused no small confusion. This paper discusses the structure and appearance design of LED lamps and five problems and puts forward the corresponding solutions, the current market on a single "naked" street lamps, the main problems are as follows:

First, the material surface treatment (including power supply), it is difficult to withstand the erosion of the long harsh environment. The so-called "naked" street lamps are generally exposed to the heat sink directly outside the street lamps. Some manufacturers think this is more conducive to heat dissipation, but the premise is the lamp must be installed in a relatively clean and not affected by external conditions affect the environment, and the practical application of lamps are directly installed in the outdoor, may encounter acid rain, sandstorm, snow, exposure and other harsh environments.

Secondly, because Aluminum Alloy small proportion, excellent heat dissipation, so the radiator LED lights are usually used for Aluminum Alloy, but the chemical properties of Aluminum Alloy is very active, and very easy to react with acid and alkali, exposed in the air is also very easy to oxidation. Although after anodic oxidation treatment the corrosion resistance has been greatly improved, but still can not guarantee the installation on the damage, when the film is damaged, Aluminum Alloy active chemical properties can be displayed. Acid rain appears easily in some relatively large local pollution, acid water will accumulate in the lamp body. Some cracks and grooves, cracks or acid water after After rain the sky looks blue. in grooves of volatile corrosion will corrode the lamp body, lamp body not only affects the appearance, more heat, mechanical properties. In addition, the "naked" type of street lamp due to the structural characteristics of the radiator itself, it is very easy to accumulate dust and snow. The dust cover on the radiator will make the heat dissipation performance is greatly reduced Aluminum Alloy, and snow on the surface looks more conducive to heat, but in cold weather lamp heat dissipation is enough, a lot of snow will cause great pressure on the pole.

Second, the design of the moment shape does not meet the requirements of wind resistance. The rectangular shape mentioned here refers to the lamps and lanterns which are in the shape of a square shape with a large area. This plane is much better, when the wind blows from a vertical plane, the plane will not wind differentiation, thereby causing pressure to the lamp and lamp fixing structure. This pressure is not obvious in general, but when the lamp post after aging and corrosion long time later, if hit in the coastal areas of the typhoon, there may be poles inclined or bent or the risk of falling lamps.

Third, the heat island effect caused by the high failure rate of LED street lamp. Heat island effect is mainly refers to the urban temperature is higher than the surrounding suburbs, as if a warm island in the cooler of the rural "ocean", this phenomenon is called the heat island effect. In fact, this phenomenon also exists in the larger LED street lamp heat sink, especially when it is simply by natural convection. The heat dissipation process of LED lamps is mainly depended on the convection heat transfer of the radiator and air, which mainly depends on the natural convection under the influence of the outside wind. Natural convection is to rely on the radiator and the cold air is heated by the radiator after the natural rise, next to the cold air to continue to add in, through this constant cycle of heat away. If the radiator too much hot air of the middle part of the rise side there is no cold air can add enough (or near a light source in heating, air is relatively hot), so it will lead to a decline in the middle part of the cooling efficiency, temperature rise, the formation of the heat island effect. The LED of the heat island center is faster than the surrounding LED, and the failure rate is higher.

Fourth, the overall design of the difficulties brought about by the late. The integral design is that the whole light source cavity is designed to be an integral whole, or the light source cavity and the power supply chamber are designed to be an integral whole. In recent years, the practice shows that LED lamps can not be maintenance free. And this is the overall type of lamps can not be maintained, the general road after the failure of the elevated car can not complete the maintenance task, to bring the whole lamp back to the factory repair. This approach will force manufacturers to become both manufacturers and service providers from a manufacturer, the need to pay a huge price.

Fifth, sharp edges and corners of the heat block, does not meet the safety standards for lighting. Sharp edges and corners refers to the lamp body of some metal parts have multiple sharp corners. The sharp corners of the existence of at least three cons. First, the processing and handling process is difficult to protect, easy to curl. Second, surface treatment difficulties, either electroplating or spray, the workpiece itself should be charged, easy to appear at the sharp corner of poly electricity "phenomenon, or cause the damage, or cause the coating (plating) too thick. Third, easy to hurt workers, some manufacturers of the lamp because of sharp edges and corners too lead to transfer workers are often cut hand, is more dangerous if workers are scratching on the elevated bicycle may be due to instinct will hand the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate.

In view of the above five questions, this paper discusses some solutions. For the first and two problems, the author believes that the lamp can be added to a streamlined upper cover, streamline the upper cover do not have a large area of the plane, and it is best to middle height, the surrounding low. Of course, the lid should have a reasonable design of the cooling hole and the flow. This has 4 advantages: first, the cover can reduce the exposure of ultraviolet radiation on the surface of the radiator protective layer damage; second, streamlined shape is not conducive to the accumulation of rain stay at the top, can directly guide most of the ground water, reduce the corrosion of acid substances on the lamp; third, frofile can significantly reduce the accumulation of dust and above snow, good heat dissipation also reduce pole and lamp pressure; fourth, frofile can differentiate into multiple wind direction force, reduce pressure and lighting lamp.

On the third, four problems the author suggests the lamp ", give the overall design break up the whole into parts", changed to modular design. The fifth problem is proposed lighting design engineers stand in the operator's point of view, in the design as far as possible to pay attention to the details of the problem.

In addition, in terms of design, the traditional lighting in the design of the design has accumulated many years of experience, semiconductor lighting design engineers to absorb the essence of traditional lighting. Compared with the traditional lighting, LED light source has a small size, flexible array of features can achieve a variety of diverse, exquisite product design. In addition, the semiconductor lighting design engineers should be combined with regional cultural development with industrial and artistic taste of the design products. Place has its own unique local culture and customs, only according to the local characteristics of the lamps to design more popular, also can let visitors know more about local characteristics. For example, a few years ago the idea of creative design "Sky Sword", "Zheng love" and the recent idea of creative design of "UFO", "Boxer", "gourd" has been accompanied by numerous customers and favor.

At the same time, as the lighting designer, in addition to master knowledge of lighting, also should constantly improve their comprehensive quality, the depth of life, know how to discover and feel the beauty of life, put the emotion into the works of design, so as to achieve the lamps have vitality, thoughtful design.

The author believes that with the increasing competition, the Chinese market is becoming more and more international, a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises lack of market network and brand support, should take the road of professional development, pay attention to product quality. The development center of enterprises on how to develop high quality, long life, low price products, consumers, enterprises and government in order to create a win-win situation.

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