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Those you don't know the LED lamp with knowledge
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In our lives, basically everyone will see the light of the LED lamp with light, but many people know little about this product.

LED lamp belt is divided into high voltage and low voltage lamp

Different LED lights with the most important types of beads were not different, but the voltage. Directly connected to the 220V city electricity is the high voltage, while the low voltage lamp with 12V soft and 24V soft light. 220V high pressure lamp can be a small lamp with a plug on the installation, so that the light with a shine. And 12V soft light is required with the switch power supply for transformation, can access 220V city power, if it is 12VRGB light with, in addition to the power supply with the switch, but also need to match the controller. But now LED light belt, has introduced a set of integrated controller of power supply and control of the controller, you can only use an integrated controller to achieve variable light color.

The color of the LED lamp is divided into single color and color.

Now the TV is also a LED, what kind of color can be displayed. This principle is the same as the LED lamp. If you want what color can do, what kind of effect can also be achieved. However, due to the main function of the LED lamp is not as a display, but the rendering of the atmosphere. So the most used or a single color based. For example, the family inside want a warm feeling, generally warm white LED lights with the main. Inside the office with white, when doing general store counter other light, love with blue. But those who do the night, like beer, bars, dance halls, love special color RGB light dynamic zone. Because the color is not the same, the price of light with a slight difference. But because the light with a single color and colorful lights with the use of the plug and the control is not the same, so the main classification, like to say that a single color, or color.

LED lamp belt mainly used in what place

LED low voltage lamp with the use of a special place, for example, we buy the LED European style lamps, LED modern light inside the light source, are low-voltage LED lamp with. There are sports shoes step up flashing, that is LED with lights, think of it? Of course, five star hotels and shopping malls to shady areas and some tobacco, cosmetics counters, counters, mobile phone counters, posted on the glass behind the light is LED lamp belt. The most surprising is that some of the contours of the tall buildings of many people also like to use a waterproof low pressure lamps bring installation oh. There is a hotel and KTV rooms inside, there is a glass inside the light under the eaves around, there is LED lamp belt.

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