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The classification of LED spotlight
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1 under the spotlight. Can be installed on the ceiling above the bed, and the cabinet, but also hanging, floor, hanging, divided into two types of Tibetan and Tibetan half. Under the lamp is characterized by light irradiation and top-down do free scattering, the light source is closed in the lampshade and the other tube, sleeve type, flower type, concave groove type and light wall type, which are respectively arranged on the porch, sitting room, bedroom, etc..

2 downlight. Mostly made of metal spraying or ceramic materials, white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other colors; a long, round shape, size is not the same size. The projection beam spotlights, can focus on a painting, a sculpture, a flower, a boutique furnishings, can also shine in the master bedroom sitting chair back, to create a rich and colorful charm, strange shadows. Can be used in the living room, porch or bedroom, study. You can set one or more lamps, lamp shape and tone, as far as possible unity and harmony of overall design room. The track is installed on the roof of 15~30 cm, can also be installed on the roof of a corner by the wall.

3 cold light lamp. Cold, no heat radiation of light objects. Anti glare, light distribution and projection angle precision. High light efficiency, energy saving. Long life, normal use within a year if there is no light, you can replace the new light for free. No flicker, the eye does not produce fatigue. Good color rendering, can show the detailed process of goods and real color. Exquisite style, low voltage power supply, safe and environmental protection.

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