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LED guardrail light

HX-H-27 barrier screen

HX-H-27 barrier screen
Note: the outer tube specification: diameter 50mm L1000mm
Outer tube material: Germany imported PC material, anti ultraviolet, strong toughness, not burst.
Amount: 144
Chip: Guangjia chip, soft light, no flicker, high brightness, long service life.
Color: color (color changes please refer to the "technical services" bar)
Outlet: waterproof plug, the installation of a simple wiring, the plug can be.
Voltage: 12V-220V
Power: 10W
Protection level: IP65
Suitable temperature: -35 -+60 DEG C, the antifreezing material, resistance to high temperature and strong.
Procedures: jump, gradient, running water to chase, the six section of the water, scanning, pull screen,
The meteor, monochrome cover, full-color cover, running hundreds of programs,
The control system through our research and development can be one of sixteen CF card, SD card
Do full-color display, but also can be used for buildings, overpasses and other senior complex
Miscellaneous outline of the outline of the program. Can also use our new simple two wire
System, without the control, the installation of wiring is simple, can reach hundreds of
Change program. See 'technical services' section for details of the control system.
Features: DHC guardrail lamp adopt brand LED chip, high brightness, long service life. abroad
Tube using imported materials, the service life of the 1/3. plug to improve the use of our company three
Generation of waterproof plug, high efficiency, completely eliminate the water ills guardrail lamp.
Scope of application: building profile, overpass fence, landscape Avenue, the bridge,
KTV Hotel facade, interior decoration lighting, full-color display etc..
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