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LED guardrail light

HX-H-26 aging

Name: HX-H-26 aging
Note: the outer tube specification: diameter 50mm L1000mm
Outer tube material: Germany imported PC material, anti ultraviolet, strong toughness, not burst.
Amount: 108
Chip: Guangjia chip, soft light, no flicker, high brightness, long service life.
Color: single blue
Outlet: waterproof plug, the installation of a simple wiring, the plug can be.
Voltage: 12V-220V
Power: 10W
Protection level: IP65
Suitable temperature: -35 -+60 DEG C, the antifreezing material, resistance to high temperature and strong.
Features: DHC guardrail lamp adopt brand LED chip, high brightness, long service life. abroad
Tube using imported materials, the service life of the 1/3. plug to improve the use of our company three
Generation of waterproof plug, high efficiency, completely eliminate the water ills guardrail lamp.
Scope of application: building profile, overpass fence, landscape Avenue, the bridge,
KTV Hotel facade, interior decoration lighting, full-color display etc..
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