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LED lights

HX-L-01 (120W module type road lamp)

Name: LED road lamp (adjustable elevation angle)
Features: modular structure, better heat dissipation; the visual angle is adjustable, street reconstruction project available original pole, cantilever angle.
Material: aluminum, stainless steel fasteners
Shell structure: luxury light body design, integrated heat sink
Size: 760*305*110mm
Net weight: 11 kg
Light source: high power and high brightness light emitting diode (LED)
Chip: high brightness 45mil genuine American Bridgelux chip
Light source: high color rendering index, the same luminous flux, LED light is more clear; no UV no stroboscopic light, green light; solid cold light source, seismic, heat a small, high brightness, long service life
Current: single chip design of current 300mA, rated current 750mA, the balance is enough, a small decline
Light: ten thousand hours of less than 6%, whole life (40 thousand hours or more) light is less than 20%
Power: 120W (system power 130W)
Input voltage: AC110V-AC260V (wide voltage)
Color: White (can be customized in any color, warm white, white, cool white etc.)
Flux: 14000Lm
Light angle: peanuts lens, transverse light distribution, suitable for narrow road pavement lighting emitting angle of 60 DEG *120 DEG
Installation: installation pole (diameter 60mm cantilever)
Installation height: 10-15M
Installation interval: 12-25 meters
Driver: high power factor isolation type constant current drive power supply
PFC: = 0.96
Color index: Ra = 85
Service life: more than 50 thousand hours
Energy efficiency: more than 60%
Protection grade: IP65 (waterproof and dust proof)
Application: urban road lighting, urban road lighting, landscape lighting, residential, factories, docks, parks, lighting, etc..
Features: high efficiency and energy saving than the traditional light source, such as a high voltage sodium lamp energy saving more than 75%, the new green light true; LED light with high color rendering index, color index is more than 75, compared with the traditional light source, the same luminous flux, LED light to see objects more clear; no stroboscopic LED light and ultraviolet light, soft light, light walk or drive a vehicle without a sense of vertigo; LED light source, long life, the average life of more than 40 thousand hours, during the use of maintenance free.
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