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LED buried lights


Name: HX-M-40
LED underground lamp has great advantages compared with the traditional light underground lamp, its rich and colorful, ever-changing color, long service life, small volume, low power consumption, soft light, no light pollution, which are the traditional light source can not be more than the.
Size: Phi 200MM, H60MM.
Color: color, all kinds of color can be.
Beads: 56. Jia 3000V chip, anti static; high brightness, no stroboscopic, soft light; a small decline, within 1000 hours of the 5; long service life, can be used more than 60000 hours.
Light body: die cast aluminum, 5MM stainless steel surface, 8MM tempered glass. Pressure resistant, can be used for car parking lot.
Waterproof: cable outlet.
Basic parameters: voltage 220V. - 12V
Light emitting angle 30 degrees - 160.
Protection class IP65.
Power: 8W.
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