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LED buried lights


Name: LED buried lamp HX-M-62
Description: size: 180mm diameter H60mm
Color: color
Voltage: 24V
Power: 5W
Beads: 32
Light emitting angle: 15
Material: die cast aluminum, stainless steel surface, 8mm toughened glass, pure silica gel sealing ring
Applicable temperature: +80 C -40 C
Protection level: IP67
Features: LED light source buried lamp using imported chips, high brightness, low power consumption, no
Ultraviolet radiation, no stroboscopic, green environmental protection. Service life in 50 thousand hours
Maintenance free. The lamp body is made of high pressure casting stainless steel structure, durable
With, can bear a certain pressure, can be used for parking lots and other special occasions.
LED rich color, variety of procedures, can be prepared according to customer requirements
Program, jump, run chase, gradient, flicker, rotation and so on.
Scope of application: Park, square, residential area, green belt, pedestrian street, parking lot,
Shopping malls, hotels and other special occasions, etc..
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