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LED point light

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Name: HX-D-25
LED point light source with its unique visual expression, are increasingly being used in city landscape decoration lighting field, especially some large buildings, such as buildings, bridges, large shopping malls, Plaza landmark building, also for Gaestgiveriet Hotel facade wall decoration lighting. In some linear lighting can not achieve the effect of the occasion, the point light source but can have the right performance.
The point light source to do a variety of color (red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, purple), it can be made into various programs a happy color, chase, scan, strobe, transition flow, geometry, color and so on, according to the requirements of the client program.
Size: 90, 120, 150, of 230MM, H40, 60MM.
Beads: 36 - 120. Jia or wafer chip, high brightness, the service life of 60 thousand hours or more.
Case: Engineering PC cover, aluminum base, with mounting screw hole, easy to install.
Leads: ends of the plug-in line also can be a head of line length can be set.
Sealing: transparent silicone infusion, good water resistance.
Voltage: 220V. - 24V
Power: 10W. - 3W
Protection level: IP65.
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