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LED guardrail light

LED fence lamp (digital tube) D80 -HX-H-01 eight

Name: LED fence lamp (digital tube) D80 -HX-H-01 eight
Name: LED fence lamp (digital tube) D80 -HX-H-01 eight
The outer tube: diameter 80 semicircle pipe. Germany imported PC material, anti ultraviolet radiation, not burst, strong toughness, good light transmittance; high temperature and low temperature, excellent weathering resistance, suitable for harsh environment; long time installed in the outdoor not yellow, good light transmittance.
Color change: color (program control see 'technical service').
Voltage: 12V-24V.
Power: 10W/ meters.
Light emitting angle: 180 degrees.
Protection level: IP65.
Basic color: R, G, B.
The whole procedure: jump, gradient, water running, chasing, meteor, coverage, six water, sixteen full-color hundreds of programs. Can also be external control, internal control, the six and sixteen section by our R & D CF card, SD card controller, the main control points and control, to achieve a full color, text, animation, can also be used for complex program outline. Can also use my simple type controller, two wire installation, wiring is simple, the program up to more than two hundred kinds of. For details, please refer to the technical services section.
Beads: 144. Taiwan Jia chip, high brightness, long service life, service life of up to 6 - 100 thousand hours; a small decline, 1000 hours less than five percent. Soft light, no flicker, no UV, no light pollution, green environmental protection; band uniform, pure color, good color mixing effect, does not produce the spot.
Plug: the latest three generation plug, completely solve the problem of waterproof lamp, transparent resin sealing, no shadow.
Thread: waterproof to plug thread wiring installation is very convenient. (sent to the northern alpine region of plug thread production, the antifreezing material at minus 40 degrees Celsius in normal work).
Bayonet: PC card, easy to install, easy to operate.
Control: control, single chip microcomputer is arranged in the external controller, digital control, optional programs, programs can also freeze cycle, stable performance, can normally start at minus 35 DEG C temperature under normal work. Procedures and speed can be adjusted, very convenient. The main control points can be controlled, can also be directly connected with the single master control, guardrail lamp is composed of a main control, simple and easy installation.
Length: standard length 1M.
Packing: 48M/ wooden box.
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