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LED guardrail light

HX-H-34 (digital tube of aluminum slot)

Name: HX-H-34 (aluminum slot digital tube)
Name: LED digital tube
Lamp body size: 1000mm*30mm*30mm (can be customized for any non-standard length)
Light body material: thick aluminum, PC cover
Surface treatment: anodized (silver) or electrostatic spray (color optional)
PCB material: high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate
Light source: imported high brightness LED (light emitting diode)
LED number: 108 or 144 beads
LED chip: Taiwan epstar chip (genuine dimonds)
Service life: more than 40 thousand hours (maintenance free)
Power factor: 0.9
Use voltage: wide voltage AC90V-AC260V (can be customized low voltage 24V or 12V)
Output current: 18 Ma
Power: 12W (can be customized to a variety of power)
Energy efficiency: more than 75%
Color index: 75
Flux value: 810Lm
Light emitting color: color (can be customized to other colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, white, warm white, color, etc.)
Light emitting angle: 180 degrees
Looking up angle: adjustable
Lens material: imported optical PMMA (optical)
Mounting bracket: belt chute, movable and adjustable elevation angle
Installation way: the bracket is installed (the expansion screw is fixed on the mounting surface.
Protection grade: IP65 (single special lighting silicone sealing, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for outdoor)
Applicable temperature: -+60 C -30 C
Warranty: two years warranty, life-long maintenance
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