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LED flood light

HX-T-38 (36W green)

Name: HX-T-38 (36W green)
Size: 330mm*160mm
Light body material: aluminum, tempered glass, stainless steel screws
Light source: high power LED
LED chip: America Xuming chip, high brightness, long service life
Service life: more than 40 thousand hours
Drive mode: isolated constant current drive
Driver: built-in placement
Power factor: 0.85
Use voltage: 220V
Power: 36W
Energy efficiency: more than 75%
Color index: 85
Flux value: 2520Lm
Light emitting color: green (can be customized to a variety of other colors)
Projection distance: 50 meters (30 degrees)
Light emitting angle: 15 degree -60
Lens material: optical PMMA
Protection level: IP65 (waterproof, suitable for outdoor)
Applicable temperature: - 30 C -+60
Cooling mode: integrated heat sink
LED features: high efficiency and energy saving, high brightness light, no ultraviolet, no flicker, no light pollution, pure color; the solid light source, strong earthquake, not burst, no toxic gas. Aluminum shell, baking powder, acid and alkali resistant, high resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Isolated constant current drive, long service life. Comes with mounting bracket, easy to install and debug, looking up angle adjustable. Maintenance free during use.
Application: suitable for outdoor environment, waterproof and dust. The application in building lighting, overpass, city square, sculpture park, lighting, stage lighting, advertising lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting, trees, green belt and lighting.
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